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    calling roe

    a lot of people seem to call roe many using a buttalo call but my question is is there anywhere on the net which shows you how to call roe. i dont use a call myself but would like to know how to do it to add another string to my bow. i asked a local gun shop owner to show me how to use one which he had in the shop and i would buy it but he refused it saying i could buy it and learn for myself so he can feck off. i have called a buck once buy my voice basicaly mimicing his own alarm call when he spotted me and it deffinatly called him closer but i dont know if this was a fluke any advice will be greatly recived. Daniel

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    If your in wilts drop me a pm with your number and I'll show you.

    You'll need you call tho'


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    try you tube lots of videos on there you will get an idea from them
    or if you drop me a PM with an email address i will sent the original instructions for the Buttolo-Blatter if you can get them translated
    or click on this
    all the best ash

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    It wasnt the gunshop in Westbury was it? If so he has just gone bust from what people have told me!

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    Is this any help?


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    thanks chaps this is what i needed i just wanted to have half an idea of how to use them before i parted with my cash after watching them in use on you tube (thanks ash) i can see that they work really well and i will give one a go i think and see what i can do with it

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    i was very lucky , i had a danish client show me how to call roe bucks , and Ive never failed since using the buttolo call .

    but unfortunately i only manage to call bucks for clients , illbe buggered if i can call them for myself !


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