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Thread: Deer extraction trailer , made by logic . Articulating double axles 600

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    Deer extraction trailer , made by logic . Articulating double axles 600

    For sale is my logic 4 wheeled trailer . This is the one with extreme angle articulation axles that can cross ditches etc . Low ground pressure tyres . 50 mm tow ball
    Dimensions as follows

    Load bed - 49 inches wide
    load bed excluding tow hitch - 82 inches long
    load bed is 32 inches deep .
    The actual width of the trailer with flotation tyres on is 77 inches .

    its got a hard wood plank floor in good condition , no Rot and a slatted wood tail gate . 4 logic tyres , ones a bit worn but they're serviceable . It would easily hold 5-6 red deer carcasses . It is NOT road legal . The axles are slightly splayed where its been overloaded in the past ( not by me ) .
    i bought it as a lambing trailer but nowadays it's no use to me as its not road legal .

    Im after 600 Stirling for it . Collection from Chichester area West Sussex

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    I thought trailers were exempt checks. How can it not be road legal as long as you have a light bar?

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    The flotation tyres for a start make it illegal for road use and no mudguards don't help either

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    they are not road legal if over a certian weight no brakes fitted and the tyres will not be good enough for road use being low ground pressure

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    750kg for an un- braked trailer. Agri vehicles used for extracting timber have that setup and drive on the road. The forwarders are very much larger though!

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    I just meant it has no lights fitted

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