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Thread: wheat price and quality

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    wheat price and quality

    I recently aquired a bit more wheat to see us through into the spring. It was about 20 a ton cheaper than I was expecting but on inspection after delivery it was very small grained, some almost like rice, and just falls through the feeder springs. I was then told the going rate for that such (low) quality wheat was about 140/ton, we paid just over 200/ton. So did we pay over the odds?

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    Our syndicate price for the last two tonnes was 180/ton, it was good quality, clean and decent grain size
    We were lucky though to be able to inspect it first before saying ye or nae
    Had been quoted all sort of prices up to 230/ton but we ended up getting in semi-locally so saved on transport fees.

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    Due to the poor weather, my experience is 170-190/ton poor to reasonable quality, and 200+ for good

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    Just ad ten tonne of the rice type wheat 200 /t boss cocked up and didn't get enough when it was coming off the field !

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    In the highlands we are paying over 250 a tonne!

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    Luckily, I managed a deal. Swapped some shooting for wheat getting expensive though

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    The price of wheat is deffo set to rise when you look at the current situation going forward as next harvest will, I suspect, be down.

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    Pan feeders would of been ideal for small grain wheat.No waste.
    Atb John.

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    About the 180 per ton ( mixed quality) at the mo in Mid Wales unless you are buying quantity where you can still get a bit of a deal

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    Quote Originally Posted by J DAVISON View Post
    Pan feeders would of been ideal for small grain wheat.No waste.
    Atb John.
    Swapped to pan type a while back far far superior to springs by a mile .

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