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Thread: A Very Good 2012 ~ Some of my Best Trophies

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    A Very Good 2012 ~ Some of my Best Trophies

    Dear Members,

    I have been very lucky to have some fantastic opportunities arise in 2012. Therefore I thought I would share some of my best trophies with you to end the year. I hope 2013 is as prosperous.

    I wish you all a very happy new year.

    Best Wishes


    Warthog Sow

    Very Big Rowland Ward Impala Ram

    Warthog Sow with Broken Tusk

    Old Zebra Stallion

    Very Mature Warthog Sow

    Second Impala Ram Bullet Strike Photo

    Mature Nyala Bull

    Blue Wildebeest Bull

    Abnormal Roe Buck (This was a growth defect, seen in Velvet not just broken, there is another buck with same defect in the area).

    Gold Medal Wild Boar (Croatia) 24 CM's.

    Bronze Medal Mouflon (Croatia, Adriatic Coast).

    Bronze Medal Japanese Sika (Wicklow, Ireland) missed Silver by 0.7.

    Bronze Medal Balkan Chamois (Croatia, Adriatic Coast).

    Bronze Medal Japanese Sika (Wicklow, Ireland)

    Representative 7 Year Old Alpine Chamois (Slovenia)

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    Some amazing photos looks like you may have a problem bettering 2012 but I wish you luck and a happy new year.

    Regards david

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    Congratulations on some great heads!
    Hopefully you got enough space in your home to hang them all up!? And a missus who allows it?!
    All the best for 2013, to be honest, your hunting will be hard, to do even better!

    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Well done Alex some great beasts taken there , gonna be hard to top that in 2013.
    Anglo deer management and training
    Yet another 7mm 08 user ..................... if Carlsberg made calibers.........................

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    A lesser man than me could be jealous......

    What a belter of a year - if you have a 2013 that's even half as successful you'll be doing pretty well!! ( I look forward to a similar crop of photos this time next year )


    Nothing is worse than having an itch you can never scratch

    "...Nicely just doesn't cut the cheese....." A new twist on management-speak courtesy of a colleague.

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    Looks like you had a good year I hope it continues for you in 2013. The Mouflon & Croatian scenery looks amazing, do you have a contact for this?



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    Nice one well done, just need rob a bank now to better that lot.

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    Looks like a hell of a year, Good luck beating it next year! I am looking forward to my 1st trip to Africa in 2013.

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    Some wonderful beasts, and looks very good scenery too!!

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