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Thread: Rifle Basics triggers

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    Rifle Basics triggers

    Looking for user's opinions on these replacement triggers especially if they have fitted them to Remington 700's.

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    I had a rifle basix on my .204cal ruger and it was a fantastic trigger,I also have a timney on my Rem 700 and they were both of a similar standard.


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    Hi Martin
    Thanks for your reply, if I can't adjust the fitted trigger then I will be looking for a Rifle Basix unit.
    Cheers and all the best for 2013

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    The Rifle Basix triggers are pretty good for the money and work well.

    If the rifle you have does not have the X Mark trigger - in other words its an older model, the factory trigger can be polished and ajusted to give a lovely crisp and safe release similar to a replacement unit - the expense of having a trigger adjusted may be similar in price to a RB unit though...

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    Thanks for your advice, I think it is an older model, I will know when I remove the stock once my variation comes through ! Hopefully not too long.

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    My mate got 1 fitted and its improved his shooting no end.

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