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Thread: .22 tracer

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    .22 tracer

    When I first started to learn about rifles over twenty years ago the keeper I worked with produced a box of .22 tracers to show me where bullets can actually end up.
    I'd like to do the same thing with my son because many people don't realise how they recoche (spelling?)
    My local gun shop say they don't exist .
    Can anyone out there help me find some.

    Cheers George

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    i dont think you can buy them any more but they would make a very good training aid or even just a eye opener for many experienced shooter tho especialy as a .22 seems to richoshey (not spelt it right either) off of just about anything

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    in the 1968 firearms act they talk of" any ammunition for military use which consists in or incorporates or designed so that a substance contained in the ammunition will ignite on or immediately before impact; As a tracer rounds are made with a hollow base filled with a pyrotechnic flare material, often made of phosphorus or magnesium they will ignite before impact so the act banned them from public use.

    just as a side note from my own experiences with them they don't give a true representation of a bullet in flight as they have to be either larger than a normal round or lighter to accommodate the phosphorus material in the base. hope this helps

    all the best ash

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    Thanks for your input guys , Ash I'm sure we used to be able to buy them easily in the 80's. As for tragectory etc it does not matter so long as it makes a permanent image onto the brain of the observer as they see what they thought was a safe shot dissapearing over the brow of the hill. I know I can see it myself now some 25 years later.
    I think it would be useful for my son to see this, and more particularly a mate of mine who fires off his .22 all the time in situations I wouldn't . He doesn't believe me when I tell him how much they ricoche even off a grassy field.

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    If he won't listen, keep him out of the field! That might bring him around!

    Set up a shoot in front of a hill and shoot at some "targets" on the gound at about 30 yards distance . Show him the grooves cut in the sod. If he still ignores the obvious then truly, keep him indoors. ~Muir

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    You can buy tracer ammo as section 1,its not banned.

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    As marky123 says, Ash243 is not quite correct.

    The quoted section of the 1968 act prohibited the use of incendiary ammunition, NOT tracer

    I regularly shoot 303, 7.62x51 and 5.56 tracer at Warcop and Sennybridge ranges. Tracer is usually similarly priced to more normal "ball" military surplus ammo. I have also made up my own 22-250 tracer in the past and that is a real hoot!

    22LR tracer is still available. Last lot I saw was on offer from a local RFD and was very expensive. If memory serves me right, I think it was about 20 per box of 50

    If a gun shop told me they don't exist, I think I would tend not to be going back again

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    how does these tracers work anyway , never seen it before

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    This is pretty self explanatory .....

    From this perspective eveything is fine. When the little coloured dots are getting bigger and apparently moving faster you have some cause for concern....

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    looks good

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