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Thread: MacWet versus Sealskinz!

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    MacWet versus Sealskinz!

    I've got a pair of sealskinz which are comfortable and warm, but aren't waterproof! I'm wondering whether it's worth trying some Macwets?
    anyone tried both? Which would you recommend out of the two?
    Or...... is there an even better alternative?!

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    Macwets are not waterproof either or not the two types i have but they do dry out quickly

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    I have both and neither are worth calling waterproof, sealskinz are but you sweat so much it is hard to tell the difference, prefer some thin woollen gloves and pockets!
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    Never owned Sealskinz, but I've a couple of pairs of Macwets - not waterproof, but do dry out quickly, keep your hands warm even when wet, and are thin enough to be able to feel what you're doing (oo-err missus.....). I like them.
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    I was considering get some sealskinz but hesitated. Still not sure they warrant the investment.
    Not all Sealskinz are equal apparently i.e. not all are waterproof, so the man in the shop said. Don't think he'd been outdoors for a while though.

    At the moment I have a pair of neoprene wychwood fishing mitts which have served very well for the last 5 years.
    They're like this but mittens i.e. exposed index, forefinger and thumbs. The palms are very durable.

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    My seal skinz were waterproof on sat only got em for Xmas

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    I have had sealskinz for a couple of years and they keep my hands dry in the rain

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    Quote Originally Posted by norma 308 View Post
    My seal skinz were waterproof on sat only got em for Xmas
    I debated the same when choosing a pair for a Christmas pressie for myself, I bought the Sealskinz and both nights I have worn them out it was raining hard and my hands stayed warm and dry.

    I have never used/tried the MacWets and they are a little more expensive than the MacWets, but I certainly dont regret the choice.

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    ive got the sealskinz hunters and they re a great pair of gloves over a year and no leaks yet

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    and very warm too ive had them on in -30 in northern canada

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