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Thread: South West Scotland

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    South West Scotland

    Whats the current situation regards wild boar in SW Scotland.

    Are there any wild free living, self sustaining populations? Or is it just Carminnows and a few escapees?

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    I would be interested to know the answer to this as well.I've heard quite a few times that there is a wild population in the Dumfries and Galloway area but would like somebody to confirm it.

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    Moose you have PM

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    sw scotland

    An odd escapie no doubt ,but certainly nothing you could say for a population up here. Forest of Deans your place the commission are even feeding them alabite contraceptives admittedly.

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    I think in the Forrest of dean they are making a good old bucket full of cash so the contraceptive thingy might be to throw you off the track teal. I am sure the head ranger for the forestry is well in with the wild boar.

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