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Thread: Boom!!!!! S-it me up

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    Boom!!!!! S-it me up

    Thought I would tackle the mountain of Xmas boxes, paper etc.

    started to burn it in my metal stillage and 10 minutes later totally
    unexpected BOOM!!!!

    Luckily no harm done apart from change pants and pick up rubbish scattered around the garden.

    I can only presume a aerosol spray can or something was put in with the rubbish.

    I will check next time


    Happy New Year

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    Well good job it was out side... I did that once with a load of paint spray can that it mixed up in general burning rubbish.. Made the curtains twitch on our road...

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    Made you jump I bet, glad all was ok
    Reminds me of an experience many years ago.
    I used to be well into sailing dinghies, and as a 12 year old used to spend the school holidays either sailing or hanging around the
    local yacht chandlers. The chandler in question had a few outbuilding he used to rent out to people to build or repair small boats, over the years he
    had accumulated a large amount of scrap timber and assorted rubbish. One summers day he decided to have a mass clear up and burn the wood.
    I was at the yacht club 200 yards away just putting the boat away when there was a huge explosion or more accurately a big bang. I wondered what it was
    as did my mates, later on we wondered up to the chandlers after hearing all the bells and sirens, to see if he knew what the fuss had all been about.
    I have never seen such a mess, there was paint of many different colours everywhere, on houses, cars, the road etc. He had let the fire get out of hand and it had consumed the pile of part used paint tins, many of which where gallon size.
    I don't know what the legal ramifications for him were, but the chandlers shut down at the end of that year, never to open again. Only a couple of years back if you knew where to look paint could still be seen, and that was after 40 years, glad I didn't live next door.


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    lol had the same thing years ago burning a plie o rubbish on my old allotment can narrowly missed a friend of mine ( we didnt know it was in there ) lucky escape

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