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Thread: Torque wrench?

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    Torque wrench?

    Just been looking at the shooting show and there is a segment about scope mounting which I found quite interesting.
    The guy doing the mounting was using a torque wrench to tighten the mounts etc, does anyone use one for things like this? If so I might like to see if i can get one, but are they available for not too much money - if so any recommended models?
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    I have a Wheeler Fat Wrench which does the job. It's certainly not essential but does take the guesswork out. Wheeler FAT Wrench Kit on eBay!

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    your need one that fairly low registering, around the 1-2 Nm level. Worth looking at cycle ones for cheapness as they are needed for all the carbon parts, I have a few of these but they are set at 5 Nm which is too high but a search might find something similar as they are fairly cheap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bandit Country View Post
    I have a Wheeler Fat Wrench which does the job. It's certainly not essential but does take the guesswork out. Wheeler FAT Wrench Kit on eBay!
    That looks like an excellent piece of kit, i currently use a standard 20-100 in/lbs 3/8 drive Norbar torque wrench but prefer the screwdriver type tool.


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    For someone looking for a good quality, British made, cerrificated torque wrench look at Torqueleader products.

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    I keep thinking about ordering a torque driver but never seem to actually do it
    Did you watch the 17 hornet bit ?
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    Warne make one that does 25 Ft/Lbs and I have one. I got it from Peter Starley at Midway UK. It is very useful and I now would never set up either 'scope bases or 'scope rings without it.

    You can't adjust it it just does the one force but it is all the better for it as you can't therefore set it too little or too much.

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    25ft/lbs, really


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    hi enfield
    is that inch pounds or foot pounds feller
    Wheeler recommends 15 to 20 in/lbs on standard scope ring screws on the upper halves. Supposedly after 20 in/lbs, the rings can handle it, but the bit has a possibility of breaking.

    The side bolts/screws have a large range of torque specs depending on what rings you have. Tactical rings that attach with a socket can handle as much 65 in/lbs, I'd probably say about 25 in/lbs on standard Weaver-style bases.
    an ALAN bolt may not take the above and would be best exchanged to torques type head

    Good luck, start low and tighten until you are comfortable.

    HAPPY new year to all
    paul o'

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    It was a wheeler FAT wrench I used - just be very careful how you pronounce that or spell it on a Google search!!! And as I have said many times - it stands for Firearms Accurising Tools, not a description of the user.

    It has a good range - though Mannlicher Synthetics stock screws are at the very upper end.

    I replaced/ added to the provided bits with quality ones - such as Wera Diamond series. Such a tool saves a lot of stripped scope screws and is a great step along the way to being able to remove/replace the stock without major zero shift ( no guarantee, but helps ).

    Think mine came from Midway Uk - they can be a bit hard to track down, but there are various ones out there. I recall when originally looking that several places did fixed setting tools at a lower price - possibly worth looking at if you want something for a specific job - but personally prefer the flexibility of an adjustable tool.

    Would like to add that the segments on the show have come across quite well - but they have suffered a bit from the edit/dubbing/ time compression side of things. We actually filmed a lot of close-ups on setting the tool and covering its use etc , but they didnt make the final cut. Aside from that I'm nowhere near as ugly as that in real life, but John is in fact much older than he looks
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