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Thread: L2 Witnessing can be strange

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    L2 Witnessing can be strange

    Biker1 (Tony) is cracking on with his L2 work and it was time for a bit of witnessing. Now Leicstershire or there about ish is a bit of a trek from Scotland but I do like a change and witnessing on grounds where the deer (munties) can be picked up with one hand since I'm used to reds, roe and sika really. I'd also get a chance to have a thump too!

    Now the weather has been off for most of the year and saturday was right on form being cold and wet but with quite a sharp wind. We were on the ground early and evidence of the little buggers was everywhere but nothing was anywhere in the rides or fringes and we started going through the wood. With brambles everywhere but plenty of walkable tracks we soon started bumping munties but the little deer were all tucked up in deep cover and nothing was mooching about.

    So the stalking wasn't working out and we needed to do something to at least improve our chances of doing something productive. Right! to high seats with the idea being that if something was downed we could get a gralloch done at least. Tony went to his favourite spot and I ended up in a nice spot with a good views into the broadleaves and mixed bramble. I didn't expect anything to move but plenty of pheasants and grey squirrels were about the feeders anyway.

    A few mins after getting into the high seats it poored down and I started getting wet, wetter and then just cold. Being ever so slighly p'ed off as the rain eased to drizzle the grey squirrels at the nearest feeder were getting more apealling every time I glassed round. As quite often happens when your loosing interest right out in front was just a flash of movement and then the flank of a muntie. No messing about the rifle was up and as soon as the shoulder was in the next gap a round went to the mark and a juvenile buck was down and Tony was soon on the scene to do some work.

    Sunday was just cold and windy and again 'stalking' was abandoned again for a bit of a go in the highseats hoping something would move. 5 minutes after sitting down a vixen broke onto the track to my left and got the 65gr 'oi' treatment but not another thing all day between us. The squirrels were getting eyed up for most of the afternoon (I've never shot a grey squirrel) and the temptation was painful. It's at times like that you feel really bad for the stalker because two days later and all we were able to do was bump munties from cover.

    The forecast for monday morning was aweful and it looked like a giving up day but we decided to get up and have a look. A miracle! the weather folk were talking crap and it was a windy but warm morning although fairly overcast. 5 minutes on the ground and a muntie browsed out across the stalk but too quick for a shot but later a young buck was unlucky and Tony's bullet went home on a difficult beasty in cover, well done that man! So he sorted that out and again we went off for a bit more of a sit in the highseats to relax a bit! With the warmer weather the munties were on the move but in honesty I really fancied a trophy squirrel but they just weren't showing. By chance on a glass right up the track I caught a glimps of a light flash of ear and then a bit of antler and there was a nice looking muntie buck in the bramble beside a tree. No time for messing about on this fellow as a couple of steps either was and he was gone again into the thick bramble so up went the rifle and on top mag a shot went the bucks way. He was a good distance and I watched him drop with the confirming pop of a good shot.

    Unfortunately for Tony the buck just happened to be a really nice one but the main thing was a score earlier in the day for the man now making headway into his level 2 work. Thanks for having me down mate, it was a good crack

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    Glad you enjoyed it down our way Paul and the wee man and yrself had some sucess

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    Had a great weekend with paul even though he shot the best buck, but nice to get started on level 2 and i promise next time to set you up with a medal squizzle seeing you have never shot one

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    medal squirrel, that would be awesome. Get yourself up here to me and we'll get out on the roe or over to Colin's and see about a nice billy or a pig?

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    yo mate im working on it really fancy a billy

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