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Thread: H4895 + H380 in a 30-06 with 180gn and 150gn Bullets

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    H4895 + H380 in a 30-06 with 180gn and 150gn Bullets

    Has anybody got any accurate load data for 30-06 using any of the above powders to push either a 150gn or 180gn bullet that they are using.
    I have several loading manuals and some give conflicting info even tho' published by the same manufacturer.
    Some of the manuals are old and some up to date.
    I reloaded for this calibre back in the eighties and now the modern books give maximum charges that are less than they were then so was wondering if powder quality had changed.
    I have several thoughts on this but was hoping someone uses this calibre, bullet weight and powder and can give me some first hand info.
    Thanks in anticipation.

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    i dont use a 30-06 so i cant say what the loads are like but my manual which isnt that old has the following data:-
    h380 59gr
    h4895 51gr

    h380 53gr
    h4895 46gr
    these are MAX loads NOT start loads and its suggested a 10% deduction to start hope this can be of some use to you

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    Got some of the latest Catalogues and some going back a few years and the latest are different from some of the older ones and completely different from the different manufacturers,Thanks.
    Some give maximum loads and suggest starting 10% below and working up and others suggest starting 6% below and working up, how nit picking is that!
    Oh for info I have Nosler, Sierra, Hornady, Lyman and Lee reloaders manuals and variopus Powder manufacturers pamphlets. The latest dated last year and the oldest, Nobel Glasgow, from the seventies.

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    Hi EMcC
    Been in the same boat as you here and having just started reloading been JAYB and Muir have helped loads.
    Check this link out i have been all the way round the web and back looking for info

    Hope it helps


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    Darned good advice.~Muir

    PS: No one can recommend an accurate load for your rifle but...My match load for a 165 grain bullet in the 30-06 was 44.5 grains of 4895. Not fast but deady accurate from a 1903 Springfield.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muir
    Darned good advice.~Muir
    PS: No one can recommend an accurate load for your rifle but...My match load for a 165 grain bullet in the 30-06 was 44.5 grains of 4895. Not fast but deady accurate from a 1903 Springfield.
    Since I started reloading in the late sixties, shotgun in the early days but mettallic from the early seventies I have built up a stack of manuals and pamphlets from the various manufacturers so I have a plethora of data to choose from.
    I also realise that not all rifles shoot the same with the same load, such variables as barrel length, twist and even profile among other things comes into play.
    I have just loaded some 180gn Spt with 42gns of H4895 and some 150Spt with 46gns so will try them for now.
    I didn't want to set up my Chrono and do 'ladder tests' so was just wondering if by pure chance someone had been using 180gn with either powder and could share their data.

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    Hi Eddy

    I use 51.3 grains of H4895 behind a speer 150 gr btsp for about 2850fps and good accuracy.

    I have also tried H4350 with some success but the top end charges end up compressed.

    Don't know if that bothers you but I got the best results with 60.5 grains.



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    I am looking to use the same powder for all my rifles H4350, in the 243 & 270 the results I am more than happy with.
    Now its time to consider loading up for 30-06 when I get the die set, (good price paid for any 30-06 loading equipment, brass if anybody is thinking of selling),
    I noticed that you have compressed the loads with H4350 with good results.
    Not having not to much experience with compressed loads what are the rules. a bit of guidance opinion here would be much appreciated



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    Hi Smithy, sorry it has taken so long for a reply.

    I should first make it clear that I am no expert on reloading and so please don;t take what I say as gospel.

    However I will pass on my experience for what it's worth.

    Compressed loads are no tall equal, the degree of compression in a given load can range from merely hearing a small crunch as you seat the bullet to bulging the case trying to seat the bullet.

    A drop tube, a tube of about six inches that fits in the case mouth and the powder is poured into, will help pack the powder as efficiently as possible reducing compression compared to a charge funneled into a case without it .

    I gather the risk with compressed loads are the bullet being pushed out of the neck by expansion of the powder, detrimental ignition characteristic changes and/or case bulging. I should point out that I have not noticed any of the above, albeit with the two compressed load I do..

    The 30.06 load with H4350 has a problem in that the 150 grain speers like to be sat at an OAL of 3.185", a long way short of the sammi max of 3.340" and the 3.5" max of the magazine. This means that the bullet intrudes into the case capacity more so than most, longer, loads.

    For example the book max of H4895 is 51.0 grains for a 150 grain bullet, at my OAL this load can be a trifle warm, especially if fired in a already warm rifle.

    With H4350 at this OAL is simply not physically possible to get the book max of 62 grains in there, The best I can get in with a six inch drop tube is 60.5, which fortunately gives me good accuracy.

    Forgive my rambling but the bottom line IMO is that if you can seat the bullet, chamber the round and are getting consistent ignition etc compressed loads, in themselves, are not something to worry unduly about.



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