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    new rifle

    when going to shoot a new rifle for first time do you guys do anything to barrel before putting first round down range

    cheers adrian

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    Make sure it's pointing away from you.

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    Clean it. Dry it. Shoot it. ~Muir

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muir View Post
    Clean it. Dry it. Shoot it. ~Muir
    +1... I then follow a "running in" process but am not convinced it makes any difference! - clean after every shot for the first 5 shots, then clean after every 5 shots for the next 50 shots. Like I said tho could be total bollox. Probably more about the quality if the barrel in the first place rather than any "running in" process... Can't hurt though!

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    If it's a bench or HB gun I'll go thru a semi break in of about 20 shots . But after that it gets it like any other rifle .

    But I always clean the F outta them before I shoot them the first time be it new , used or custom built .

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    Alotta guys here will get a new custom rifle and shoot 25 shots cleaning between each shot with Sweets 7.62 . Some will shoot once clean , twice clean etc until they get up to about 12 or 15 shots each time then reverse the process . I talked with a couple custom barrel makers and they both told me the same thing . "We love it when folks break our barrels in that way , it means they're that many shots closer to getting another barrel !" . So since that time I kinda think 20 or so shots cleaning after each 3 shots is good enough and I can do some load development while the barrel is supposedly breaking in curing or whatever one cares to call it .

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    Always, always, make sure that the barrel AND CHAMBER are bone dry. Also check all the screws are done up. Especially those from the action through to the magazine receiver.

    So a good run through with a phosphor bronze bristle brush and then dry the barrel and chamber.

    I have never, knowingly, had a rifle "from new" so have never done this fire five and clean routine.

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