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Thread: Discount WIPEOUT

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    Discount WIPEOUT

    Just came across this discount offer for wipeout products

    8oz Wipeout USD 9.99
    8oz. Accelerator USD 6.29

    That's just over 11 plus shipping

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    Midway USA wont ship to the UK - we have Midway UK.....

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    My order is on the way


    the point I was making is not highlighted here

    I understand everybody has got make a living here but

    11plus vat plus shipping is very different than 27 including vat

    i am no scientist but that's more markup than most goods from the USA
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    If you are getting it posted legitimately with the HazMat fees there is no way the price will be anywhere near that.

    we have to buy in quantity from HPS to get the bulk price and our cost is more like 9 a bottle including vat and postage, so how is anyone being ripped off?

    Unfortunately there is a cost associated with getting stuff over from the USA especially anything considered Hazardous, the cost per shipment is between $250 and $500, so before you add actual shipping cost and VAT and duty you have to recoup this.

    and god forbid you might be allowed to make a small profit for getting off your arse and organising all the paperwork and putting up the money.

    There is a big difference in cost between running a legitimate business, and peddling stuff to your mates out of your front room Colin.
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    Wipeout cost in USA

    I am not peddling STUFF from nobody's front room

    i am buying for my own use

    thank you

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    I wasnt accusing you of back door sales, merely pointing out that you will be lucky to get the shipment direct from MW USA,

    I buy mine from HPS Direct, at full price, so am a little envious.

    But wont lose sleep

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    there is no way to enter a non US address on Midway USA website
    how did you get them posted here?

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    Wipeout from USA

    Listen folks

    i am not trying to knock anybody

    i am all for free enterprise

    i converse regularly with a shooter on 24 hour campfire for the past few years and I asked politely

    since it is not a reatricted item he offered to order and post it to me

    i have fully intention to pay custom duties and handling charges

    Savings is still significant around 50%

    all above board and nothing shady and I have no intention of making a buck from it

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    Well done for getting it into the UK,
    I was the original importer from the US and sold the business to John @ HPS.
    Whoever sent your Wipeout from the US, if they did not declare on the export the nature of the material then they are in serious breech of shipping laws.
    I have the original MSDS which has to be sent with every consignment. I doubt that whoever sent you the can will have that.I would also like to point out that if it is shipped "air" without an MSDS or Hazmat you could find yourself in serious trouble.So to say it is not a restricted item is not true.

    We were not allowed to ship air because of the nature of the materials, so the only way was over the pond.I would also like to point out that for it to be viable we had to spend a min of $5000 plus shipping,plus vat,plus import duty, plus all the paperwork that had to be done so that it didn't sit on the docks as it did on one occasion when I forgot to add an upto date MSDS sheet.
    Then I had to transport it to all the dealers..

    So let us hope that your consignment doesn't leak especially on a plane!

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    I would also like to point out, that your 11.00 plus shipping plus import duty, plus vat, plus the Royal Mail 8.00 handling charge, will bring not far off the the 27.00 you quote.Difference is?
    The difference is you didn't break any laws to get it.

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