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    RWS Titan 6

    Anyone seen the RWS Titan 6, its a clone of the 202? also Baikal have brought out a switch barrel model MP-142K. I want a stainless steel switch barrelbut cant go to the cost of a Sauer/Blazer new one. The Titan 6 got a good write up in Shooting sports mag, has anyone out handled either rifles, all imput appreciated. deerwarden

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    I've had a Titan 6 in .308 for a few months. Looking good so far, although I don't believe that it's fully bedded in yet, and I ve only tried it with Norma ammo (grouping sub inch at 100m) and NATO surplus (surprising 1 1/2 inch groups).

    I especially like the really solid 6 lug bolt. Someone told me that the barrels are made by Heym, which is a big plus. If I had to find a criticism it would be the magazine catch which I think could be better designed and less easy to operate accidentally. Otherwise the rifle is well finished and, I think, good value for the money. I'd rate it in the T3 class.

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    Just checked these out on the web and they look promising.

    Mole, where did you buy yours? Would you mind advising us how you find the trigger and what 'scope mounting system do they have?



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    I started out with a .243 RWS Titan and couldnt fault it. It was accurate with the Sako ammo I used and it always behaved. The trigger was fine but I'm not into hair triggers. I liked the shotgun safety too.

    Only changed it cos I went to a 30-06 and 22/250

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    Iwrch - can't tell you what the trigger poundage is, but it's neither hair trigger nor at that sort of ridiculous high poundage they set on US rifles for H&S reasons. It's single stage with a good, crisp, 'breaking glass' let off. The scope mounts are simple blocks (supplied) which fit direct onto pre-drilled screw holes. I have fitted Warne scope rings which I find very solid and reliable.

    I got the rifle from a very well known supplier but hesitate to name them on open forum despite lousy service & after-sales assistance. PM me if you want to know more!

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    Have you discounted the savage as a switch barrel?

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    RWS Titan 6

    Hi Mark I have read good reviews of Savage rifles and understand the way the barrel is secured using a nurled ring which adjusts the headspace during manufacture, do they now make a switch barrel model. deerwarden

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    An update for those who were interested - the RWS is grouping consistently to 3/4" or better at 100m using Norma 150 grain Nosler rounds. I've taken several roe and muntjac with it and am very pleased with it so far. Looking forward to seeing if I can improve performance even more with home loads - fingers crossed.

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