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Thread: Ridgeline/rivers west/stoney creek

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    Ridgeline/rivers west/stoney creek

    Happy new year to all sd membersI am after honest appraisal please. I have about 150 to spend on stalking smock and these three companies all produce weatherproof smocks and look very similar. Is there much difference between them?I cannot afford nomad kit etc so accept the waterproof vs breathable argument. I am after a good stalking jacket that will last a few years and be wind and shower proof.

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    Cant speak for the other two but have rivers west. Wouldnt waste my money again.I have a few and the only one I would buy again is the Swanndri . Fits the bill and will keep you warm
    Atb Steve

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    hi big ears i have both the ranger jacket and the wild fowl jarrett set up, both are very warm and will keep you dry from the rain but are not breathable in any way the air vents do help when on the move, but unless you have some sort of under wear on that wicks sweat away you will over heat when on the move don't get me wrong its a great bit of kit for stalking but can be cold when in high seat unless you have an under garment on but the i use an old all in one tank suit just the job and i remove it for the walk out .
    all the best
    happy new year
    paul o'

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    Hi big ears Ive got the Stoney Creek Long Bush coat and I love it, warm and storm proof with the weather weve had it aint let me down. I wear the long bush shirt under it when its cold. I had a budget around 220 and wanted to buy 2 items thats why I chose them. If I had more I would of had the Tarn plus the shirt. I think the Tarn is a cracking bit of kit. Ive around a 52" chest so I ordered in the biggest size I could get and they are spot on. Bushwear have the Tarn down from 220 to 150. Heres a link.


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    i have a rivers west pro hunter smock and the ridgeline monsoon 2 smock, i also have a deerhunter game stalker smock, found all three to be waterproof windproof, ridgeline produces a bit more condensation, but if you layer correct and use the zip to control your heat youll be fine.......laying correctly is the key,
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    Thanks nutty, these were the two i was leaning towards do you find the coat makes you sweat much? And also how wind proof is the shirt?

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    i will give the stoney creek another thumbs up and no it doesnt make you sweat at all ive only had mine a few months and its seen some good old down pours and its never let a drop in yet only problem is no pockets on the sides but the one on your chest is massive so any kit can go in there

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    I shoot off the left shoulder. Would the pocket get in the way at all?

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    i wear the ridge line and its brilliant, especially when paired with the mountain shirt as a midlayer, you can get both for just over the 150 quid mark. Totally windproof and never let a drop in, had it for two years now and worn it in all weathers including during the summer months, just layered up or down accordingly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by big ears View Post
    Thanks nutty, these were the two i was leaning towards do you find the coat makes you sweat much? And also how wind proof is the shirt?
    The shirt is amazing, the 1st day I wore I was beating for Gazza of the site. It was a damp windy day and we were going through xmas trees. I was warm and dry and very surprised. The shirt does make you sweat, that day i had shirt and tie on. But now I wear my base layer T-shirt and nothing else under the shirt, and if it needs the coat goes over for extra weather protection. I honestly say buy both you will never need anything else. If you can stretch then buy the Tarn and the shirt, the Tarn to me is an improved version of the coat but it wont be as quiet as the coat. Oh it is the long bush shirt I have without a hood. I will be investing in the micro shirt also.


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