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Thread: Forest of Dean Wild Boar

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    Forest of Dean Wild Boar

    A couple pictures off of my camera, please ignore date & time it is wrong and cannot change it either as the screen will not turn on, but the camera still works..

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Nice pics mate. I'm Ross end and having issues with poachers, as recently as yesterday! Have you had a good season and do you get many? Are the FC knocking the **** out of them your way as they are up here, even cage trapping them. Anyway, good luck and have a great season in 2013.

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    Some great pictures there
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Cracking pictures mate.

    ATB Kev
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    Thanks Terry & Kev

    Penyard, sorry to hear about the poachers, i'm not to far from you as it is i live in Ruardean, as soon as yesterday!! send me a pm tell me about it
    will be interested to hear from you again. Its not been a bad season could have had a few more in the bag than i have had, but when Boar are such transient creatures and with the pressure they are under from every man and his dog what can you do! they seem to be working in a 3 week period, with the phases of the moon big sows like these two rarely showing each other. Forestry are giving them a fair hammering, i've heard of cage trapping too.
    you too good to hear from you!

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