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Thread: Hello from Norway =)

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    Hello from Norway =)

    Hi everyone,

    Just stumbled across this forum and it was full of useful information and advice so I decided to join

    I'm British, originally from the North East but now live and work in Oslo, Norway.

    This coming Autumn will be my first hunting season in Norway so I've been trying to brainstorm as much knowledge on hunting as possible and that is how I stumbled on the stalking directory.

    I look forward to sharing my future hunts with you 8)


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    Hi Jonher
    Looking forward to reading about some of your hunting outings. Make sure you post some pictures. Having been to North Norway 3 times (30 years ago) and seen some great scenery and animals, would love to be reminded how good the place is.


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    jonher ,

    having hunted with norwigen hunters in the uk and hearing their stories and their adventures im shure you will have a fantastic season !
    i will look forward to reading and following your first season in norway .



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    Thanks for the replies

    I friend of mine who I took the Norwegian hunting exam with is a bit of a techy and he's just bought a new High Definition video camera, so he wants to video some of the hunts.

    I'll post them on the forum when they're done. Won't be for a while though as the hunting season doesn't start till 10th August for roe buck over here

    Gives me plenty of time to work on a new load and my groups at the range.


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