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Thread: Sauer 202. Sako A11 or Mannlicher

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    Sauer 202. Sako A11 or Mannlicher

    Right think its time to trade in my .22-250 and get a .243. the rifle will be use as an occasional Fox,Deer and range rifle .

    I don't need help on caliber choice as i have made my mind up and have rifles chambered .17FB .260 and .308 so ths .243 fills the gap between .17 and .260.

    But i need views about the pros and cons the Sauer 202,Sako A11 and the mannlicher By owners or ex owners please !!

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    Love my 202. its in 6.5x55 but I like the traditional looks al be it in synthetic and the stock still feels right. Not cheap and plastic. It weights a few oz more than others but I still prefer the feel of quality.

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    I love my Sauer 202, lovely smooth action. The only disadvantage with owning a Sauer in the UK is having to deal with Garlands, the UK importer. It will put me off buying another one, ever.

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    Sako more readily rebarreled with custom tube if need be than mannlicher although sauer easy to change to another factory barrel. I think border have some sort of adaptor that may help with rebarreling sauers. Some of the 243 Sauer have 4 lug bolts instead of the 6 lug bolts

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    If the Sako model your looking for is as good as my A7 in .308 id go for the Sako
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    My .308 is a Sako AII from the early '80s, and I find it a very good rifle. The trigger is delightful!

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    I would forget the AII and go for a 75

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    I have two 202s .243 and .308 both are excellent, would recommend them to anyone. Also I have no issue with Garlands (see post above), always found them really helpful.

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    I had a 202 advante guard in 25-06,it was a great rifle,I was always worried about spoiling it so I sold it.

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    Ive had a pro hunter, sako75 and a 202 I think the sako was the better one of the bunch. I dont know what the sako A11 would be like

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