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Thread: 2012 in Arizona

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    2012 in Arizona

    2012 was a good year here in AZ. Thought I'd share a few pics from it. Mule deer and coues deer seasons were challenging with temps in the 95F range during coues and lows of 10F with high winds during the late mule deer season. My nephews shot a couple nice coues bucks. My wife was due with our 4th so with only 1 day to hunt for myself I shot a meat buck and forgot to take any pics. Only had the 1 tag myself but I was able to enjoy a lot of hunts with family and friends. I really enjoy all of your pics and stories so thought I'd share a few. Hope you enjoy.
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    Our late mule deer season is blackpowder only. Had 4 tags between family members and filled them all. My Dad shot a smaller buck than we would normally take on this hunt but he was fighting a respitory infection and wanted to get one for the freezer and get home.

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    4 friends drove over from Texas for a late season spot and stalk archery hunt. We glassed up a lot of nice bucks. With the challenge of getting within archery range success rates are normally low and true to form we managed 1 buck between the 4.
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    Hunting in the desert comes with its fair share of nasty critters.
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    Throughout the year we have plenty of opportunity to hunt javelina,bear,and lion.
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    Looking forward to what 2013 brings. January is archery deer and javelina and Feb 1st opens aoudad in New Mexico. With any luck I'll have more pics to share. Best of luck to everyone in 2013!

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    Some nice Mulies and I guess the Javelina are good fun.

    Thanks for sharing and hope you get a nice ram in Feb, look forward to the pics.


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    Some great hunting you have there, well done


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    been to most states in the us ,and havnt done any hunting, only fishing a few times ,one day i ll change all that and have some great pics like that ,thanks for sharing!

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    Thanks guys. I'm fortunate to live in a state with so much public land. AZ has more than 30 million acres between national forest,bureau of land management,and state trust land. All the animals were taken on public land that anyone can access. I hunt New Mexico a lot also. Both states are on a lottery draw system for tags and by applying for tags in each state I'm able to go on several great hunts a year. When I get some pictures downloaded from a scouting trip for aoudad I'll post them up. Found a great band of rams,just have to hope they stay around that canyon till February!
    Edit.Remembered I had this one on my phone. Phone pic through spotting scope.
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    This is my ram from 2 years ago. -24F with 20 m.p.h. winds. Tough weather but a great hunt.
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    I thought your location was blessed with warm weather but see that one pic was taken when it was minus a lot?!
    Cheers, K

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    Nice write-up and great pics.
    Thanks for sharing with us. Good luck for 2013


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    Aoudad in New Mexico were situated near Carlsbad when I was there in 1994. I guess the area is still good, there were supposed to be more head of game there than in their native origin country Morocco I think it was.

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    The storm that hit during that hunt set new record low temps. It wasn't forecast to be anywhere near that cold until the last minute. I had on just about all the clothes I had in camp trying to stay warm. Took off gloves and a face mask for pictures and nearly got frostbite.
    Martin I hope you had an opportunity to hunt them while you were there. I've shot several rams southwest of Carlsbad closer to the Texas border. The area I'm hunting this year is west of Artesia. Between New Mexico and Texas I'm sure this is the largest free ranging population in the world. Because of past management practices New Mexico has a much lower ratio of mature rams in the herd than Texas does. Switching tags to a draw system 4 years ago has been a change in the right direction.

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