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Thread: 12volt bulb replacement.

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    12volt bulb replacement.

    Happy new year gents, lets hope this one is a bit drier.

    looking at replacing a G4 12 volt bulb in my Cluson lamp, have replaced all my bulbs in my camper to LED with great results. Really reduced the power consumption off my batteries, and was hopeing to do the same with my ratting lamp.
    Has anybody found a suitable LED.
    Many thanks

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    Try the nightsearcher range

    red filter for rats makes a huge difference.

    any of the 200lum. led hand torches would also do.

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    It's not as easy as simply dropping in an LED - you need an LED driver rated for the working current of the LED otherwise the LED will blow if you simply connect it to 12V. The fitting wil be different and the LED will need to be mounted on a heatsink if it's going to provide a decent light without overheating. Frankly it's probably more trouble and expense than it's worth - you'd be better off buying an LED spotlight
    The LED replacements for your camper lights are all low power and probably have drivers built in so that they can be plugged straight into the 12v light fittings

    Putting a coloured filter in front of a white LED is wasting most of the light the LED is producing. If you want to shoot with red light then use a light fitted with red LEDs, then there's no wasted light and you can either get a much more powerful beam of red light or get the same power of beam from a much less powerful source which menas longer battery life or a smaller battery



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