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Thread: Tigerstripe Hanovarian Puppies

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    Tigerstripe Hanovarian Puppies

    I have a litter of Hanovarian Tigerstripe puppies for sale. Both parents are Tigerstripes, and I believe they may be some of the first, if not the only ones born in the UK. The puppies are available with German papers, (not Hirschman). Please PM me for details or to discuss further. No tyre kickers please? Serious buyers only, that know the breed and its capabilities, and are interested these unique dogs.


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    Dear ,
    Could you copy me the parents papers please , or do you find some FCI stamps on the pedigree .
    Also name off the kennel ;
    Looks very interested to me
    Kind regards ;

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    I have PM redeye and had no reply and he has been on might be all sold

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    6pointer I'm sure they are still available. Redeye is a busy guy and he will get back to all that have pm him.

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    Thanks PM received

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    My Bitch

    For all those gentlemen that have asked, herewith a couple of pictures of the mother.


    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Jill 1.jpg   Jill 2.jpg  

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    Nice looking bitch Redeye. Have you got any pictures of the pups?

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    Hi seen the pics would it be ok to come and look at your pups please?

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    Yes of course. I have pm,d you with my contact details.

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