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Thread: 25-06 rem

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    25-06 rem

    Just looking at the 25-06 rem recently as a general purpose deer round. Do you think a 270win is an overall better alternative? I have a 308 win already so I suppose looking at it as an alternative to one of my long term favourites the 6.5x55.
    I know ammo can be tricky to source so reloading probably is a must.
    any opinions?

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    I had 2 25-06's and love the calibre. I feel for a 1 gun house you cant go past it. But if I was to have 2 it would be a 308 and either 22-250 or a 243.


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    270 is what I would choose out of the above. great choice of rifles, easy to find ammo. flat shooting, legal very all uk species and hard hitting. A mate got 25-06 a few years ago and he home loads, he still has a job getting bullets. I had one about a decade ago. it was very accurate, and hard hitting but I wouldn't get another

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    The 25-06 is a great caliber for deer, but if ammo/reloading components are difficult to get the 270 will do anything the 25 can. If it were me and I was looking for something a little more potent than the 6.5 ( one of my favourite calibers) I'd take a look at a 280 Rem. It will do anything the 25,270 or 6.5 will do and there is a huge selection of good bullets to choose from if you reload. I dont know what the situation over there is for factory ammo, but that might factor into your choice if it's difficult to find. The 270 is one of the most common calibers used in my part of the world and is an extremely versatile round and from what I've read on this site, readily available there. Sorry if I I'm a bit indecisive but they are all capable rounds and you'd probably be happy with any one of them.Time to go shopping brother and find one that fits you best, looking is half the fun

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    Use one 25.06 for everything. Use factory ammo and have had an issue getting it. Choice, however, isn't great and around here seems to be limited to Federal or Sako. Fortunately my barrel shoots very well with Sako.

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    I have many rifles of various calibres and must admit that if i had to go to one rifle/calibre the .25-06 would be right up there. I do homeload but when required i have never had a problem getting factory ammo for it, Federal Vital Shock was very common. Fast and flat with low recoil and a heavy enough bullet for any deer species in the U.K.

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    Shot .25-06 Rem. for the last 15 years & only load my own ammo. Never ever had a problem getting bullets or any other component part. The only difficulty I had, was getting .257 Nosler 110gn Accubond bullets.
    The Sierra 100gn Prohunter works just fine, gives around 3300fps MV and is fine out to 300yds when required.
    Never had a single probem dropping even the biggest red stags with this cartridge. ATB
    Blaser K95 Luxus Kipplaufbüchse .25-06Rem. Zeiss 8x56, 110gn Nosler Accubond = Game Over!

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    Let me begin by saying I like and have killed deer with the 25-06 , 6.5-06 , 270 and 280 . At the moment I own rifles chambered for the 25-06 , 270 and 280 as well as having a rifle I'm about to rebarrel to 6.5-06 .

    The 25-06 is an excellent deer killer with a 100-120 grain bullet , the 6.5-06 is a better deer killer with a 125-130 grain bullet . The 270 is okay and I prefer 130 grainers in it . The BEST deer killer out the bunch IMHO is the 280 with a 139 or 140 grain polymer tipped bullet .

    I'd have no problem with any of the four for my "only" deer rifle . If I were going to shoot a fair amount of vermin as well I'd lean towards the 25-06 . If it was deer 95% I'd go with the 280 . My sentimental favouritte however would be the 6.5-06 and thats mainly because at this point in my life I'm hung up on 6.5mm's .

    Bottom line is any of the four should be fine and even better if you load for them or have someone load for them .

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    It's odd but with a 100 grain bullet the 6mm Remington isn't that much less useful than the 25.06 and with the 117 grain bullet the 270 does everything that much better with a heavier 130 grain bullet.

    I don't know about the 25.06 as, in theory, it is probably with 117 grain bullets the ideal "all-around" calibre for BRITISH deer stalking. But it's just that the 270 Winchester and 280 Remington are better and that at the 100 grain bulle weight range you'll get the same results (in reality) with either 243 Winchester or 6mm Remington with less powder burned.

    I don't know. Approach it as the equivalent of a 257 Roberts with an extra reserve of power and it begins to make sense. But it is very much a small "niche" with that 117 grain bullet that, just about, does do everything the British stalker requires.

    Would I ever have one? No!

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    I used to own a 25-06. I see several problems with them: It takes a 24"+ barrel to get to its potential, it takes a long action it has quite about of muzzle blast and the heavest bullet is 120gns @3000fps. compare that to a 7-08: 22" barrels are good with little muzzle blast, short action, and it'll shoot a 120gn bullet @ 3100fps and make a bigger hole! Of course none of that makes a difference if you want one get one. capt david

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