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Thread: Bad start to 2013 already.........

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    Bad start to 2013 already.........

    Just before Xmas I broke my sausage stuffer and the replacement machine is 547.00 plus vat,and now the bloody chiller has gone down because the compressor has seized and blew a fuse that was hidden in the control box,I lost a good few quid of meat but it could of been a lot worse I guess but I am beginning to think there is a conspiracy against me.
    There was a small bit of better news though,as a friend of mine made a quick phone call(he knows everybody)and got me a replacement stuffer for 35.00,it is a great bit of kit although it needs to be refurbished and i am dropping the parts off to be blasted and powder coated tomorrow so it will look a lot better soon(hopefully)


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    Lets hope that is the end of your bad luck for the year, get it all out the way early


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    And here's me feeling sorry for myself, Christmas ok, then family round for dinner New Year's Day & the heating element in the oven blows. Dogs made the most of the joint of meat, we had pizza take away. That's small scale compared to you Martin hope things pick up as the year goes on

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    Oh dear sorry to hear that lets hope your not superstitious as they say things happen in 3's

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    I'm sure the sausage addicted one will be pleased to see you've sorted that out Martin

    All the best

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    Just dropped off the bits to be sand blasted and then powder coated today.

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    Hope it all works out on the sausage front.

    New Year's Eve and one of the glass shelves in my kitchen shattered and half of my decanters smashed to smithereens. Some irreplaceable vintage un-cut lead crystal. Not your horrid machine made nonsense, but treasured heirlooms. They were full too. One with Remy Martin and another with a fine malt both untouched. I just stood there as they poured out of the cupboard onto the floor. 5 in total.

    Incredibly, I found what looked to be an exact match for one on e-bay with an hour to go. I could not believe it. I tried to keep up with the bidding but it went for 80. Which for a decanter only 7" high was more than I could pay really. Double sad. Managed to find one more with a collector so hopefully I will bag that one and start to rebuild.

    Sort of took the gloss off the evening. Still, the kitchen smelled very Christmassy.


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    Not covered on your in sewer ants?
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    It's not just a question of insurance really. It's a question of actually getting replacements. They have, let's say, a pretty significant amount of sentimental value too which just cannot be replaced. Not only were they stunning to look at and use, but they all had a story behind them. They were all hand made which of course makes them very individual.


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