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Thread: A Treble for the Treble on New Years Day!

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    A Treble for the Treble on New Years Day!

    Achieved very little on New Year's day for the obvious reason.

    Everyone else sloped off to bed early so that left me with nothing to do and with no rain there was only one thing for of urban foxing!

    I have been using quad sticks recently to good effect but the last trip out I missed a chance due to the limited panning ability on quads
    So this time it was back to the trusty twin sticks

    parked myself with my back to a small tree on the edge of my favourite golf course.
    It is basically behind the tee box of the first tee with the course opening up to the right and a small copse running up the boundary on the left.

    the copse on the left and more importantly the ground beyond is where the dens are (at least two) so the traffic left to right is usually enough to provide an evening's sport.

    I ran a line of cat food up the fairway from about 20yds out to 100yds, just a nugget here and there every 5yds or so. It usually stops them in there tracks as they cross the line...and then the .222 does the same but more permanently.

    The twin sticks are not as comfortable to have the rifle sitting in when staking out an area but I looped the front of the sling round one fork of the sticks to stop it slipping and hooked the stock over my shoulder.
    it keeps the muzzle down and makes a quick target acquisition possible.

    I stuck my (patent pending) "Nokia Screamer" in the practice nets about 20yds to my right as I couldnt be bothered walking out to my usual spot out in front about 100yds away. I dont like having it on me as it just draws attention to me and I want them going somewhere else!
    Every now and then I gave the "vixen mating call" a couple of 30 second bursts.

    after about 20 mins i picked up a dog and a vixen in the NV monocular, they were messing around in the left hand copse but couldn't get a clear shot.
    10 mins later I picked up a dog making its way home down the left hand side, it stopped at about 75yds winding something (cat food I suspect!).
    at one point it actually sat down!

    I swapped from NV to scope and picked him up in the red filtered beam as he stood up, quick squeak from the lips and he took a 50gr VMax in the chest and rolled over.
    relatively easy process but had my heart racing and left me with a shake!! Calm down!!

    One corpse usually does the obvious and attracts another fox but in this case about 20 mins later I picked up a pair of eyes way off to the right at about 250yds.
    Had I been on quad sticks the simple panning action and foot shift would have been a far more arduous affair.

    This fox seemed initially to be on her way home but she altered course and instead of passing in front of me at 50-70yds she came straight for me then down to my right.
    I had to move very quickly but another squeak and she stood broadside at what turned out to be 18yds!! no problems here, dropped like the proverbial!
    two down in 40 mins!

    I gave the Nokia Screamer a bit more attention and called it a few times from the phone in my pocket. I can do this without needing to bring it out of the pocket as it is the only number stored and the "send" and "end" buttons have a bit of foam stuck to them.
    I kept it going a bit longer and called it every 10 mins or so
    Then the worst thing happened...I heard a fox steaming through the copse directly behind me.
    The copse is only ten yards wide and whilst I cocked my head I couldnt see him I knew he was within 5-10yds of me and had clearly stopped when I moved my head.
    There are a lot of lights in and around the edge of the course so it is very difficult to pick up silhouettes an I was hoping he was also struggling to see what I was.

    I had my hand on my pocket and pressed "send" twice on the phone, the Nokia starting screaming about 20 yds to my right and distracted him enough to continue on his way.
    as the 2nd fox was lying out in front of the caller this one made a bee line straight for the body, it paused long enough for me to slowly move the sticks round and flick the light on, the fox was in full view as was I! the red beam was obviously not visible as it was looking away out in front of me when I squeaked for the 3rd time and a big dog fox took a shot to the chest at about 17 1/2 yds!

    I thought I would call it a night as I had not expected a hat trick.
    Fox one was a small dog with no exit wound
    Fox two was a nice sized vixen with a very small (20p) exit wound
    Fox three was a good sized dog with a decent sized (50p) exit wound

    A cracking night and the account opened for the year.

    Beats watching crap TV any night!

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    Great account Bewsh - those shots so close to you are not as easy as some might expect! Those foxes look in fine condition.

    Like the idea of the "Nokia Screamer" - this on top of the much vaunted NV project - what in earth is next out of Bewsh Laboratories Inc?!
    Nooooooooooooobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!! Our main weapon is.........

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    good write up enjoyed that sounds like a great set up you have there regards pete .

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    think I am just lucky there are so many!

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