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Thread: Good holiday on the boar

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    Good holiday on the boar

    During the holidays I have been busy with hunting in my permission in the Eifel. Partly together with my dad and partly with some of my fellow syndicate members. In the first part I invited a friend of mine over to shoot his first roe, last year he shot his first boar at my permission. Straight away on his first outing he shot a nice doe which dropped on the spot. So happy bunnies again.
    Looking at the game camera’s it turned out that only on one feeding station the wild boar where punctual when to arrive. On the other feeding stations they came at different times during the early evening, late night or even early morning. That made us decide to sit early, just before dusk, also with the intention to try and shoot a roe doe. Makes hunting a time consuming effort though as you can sit out for at least 6 hours and you still leave the high seat at 10 in the evening.
    My dad was a bit unlucky the last few months with getting connected to a wild boar but during the first couple of days he got a nice piglet and a good size uberlaufer. The piglet came in broad daylight together with 4 brothers and sisters and a big sow. My dad said it was the biggest sow he ever saw. But because we do not shoot sows with dependent piglets so he took a piglet instead. Only weight 8 kilo’s gutted. Uberlaufer was fat and healthy and weighed 35 kilo’s gutted.

    I shot another piglet out of another group when I was trying getting in a high seat. I never sat there ever before strangely enough and that evening I thought it might be a good idea to sit there. When I approached the high seat at 16.00 o clock I found it strange that one of the wooden blocks already was standing up. (we have to put the feed under wooden or stone blocks to prevent other animals then wild boar to feed on it.) Then I saw several piglets roaming around on the feeding station. Wow that’s early. I tried stalking a bit further to get a shot but they disappeared in cover without noticing me. I quickly made a detour in trying to get in the high seat as I did not want them disturbed. When I got there 5 minutes later, no boar, so I climbed the ladder. Just before I opened the door of the high seat I saw in the corner of my eye 5 happy piglets walking down the path I took before. I took al the gear of my shoulder and took my rifle. The piglets walked up the bank towards the feeding station and when one stopped and stood broadside I shot it. Could not believe my “luck” as normally you sit out for a couple of hours, now I did not even get in the high seat and had myself a boar.

    In the second part I was joined by couple of my syndicate members. One of them shot 3 wild boar in an hour whilst stalking under the moonlight. We do the stalking on fields with wheat, grass or old maize fields that has not been ploughed yet. In the first 2 they do a lot of damage so it is a good thing to shoot them as much as possible in those areas. One of the shot animals was a good size keiler, it might make bronze. One of the others was shot close to our permissionborder and to big to carry for one person so he left it in the field and went to get some help retrieving it. The neighbour was out hunting as well and had heard the shot and came to have a look but only saw the boar lying dead in the field. He thought about taking it home as a practical joke but could not lift it by himself as well so left it. He came by the next day for a chat and we laughed about it. Would be strange that you get help in lifting and then find the boar gone. Most or our German hunting neighbours are nice people like him, only one is a real @#!hole. It speaks for himself that everybody in the region dislikes him so it is not just us.

    I got another good size uberlaufer during the last two days and another guest got his second ever boar. He thought he shot a piglet but when retrieving it turned out to be a uberlaufer of 67 kilo’s gutted so we made fun of him. He took the smallest in the group so must be a few good ones still around. In total we shot 9 wild boar in 6 days. This month and the coming months is harvest time for us, especially when the frost is in the ground so the wild boar cannot get their food out of the frozen soil. They tend to visit the feeding stations much more frequently during that period. With the amount still around we hope to bag another 10 to 20 the coming months.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG00291-20121229-0025.jpg   IMG00290-20121229-0025.jpg   IMG00289-20121229-0025.jpg   IMG00293-20121229-0026.jpg   IMG00284-20121221-1901.jpg  

    IMG00285-20121223-1027.jpg   IMG00288-20121229-0024.jpg   P1030024.JPG   IMG00287-20121223-1030.jpg   PICT0355.jpg  

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    Waidmannsheil, my friend!
    Yes, keep going, its harvest time...!
    BUT: Where is the frost?? Where are the cold temperatures and some snow to make it a nice winter hunting time??

    Atb for 2013

    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Hi Ruud
    Happy new year mate, nice write up and way more hunting than we have done over the Xmas hasnt stopped f****n raining here.


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    hi Ruud looks like youve been busy in your neck of the woods .
    as been said not stopped raining over here regards pete .

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    Hello ruud i am glad your managing to get out in the woods and get a few I took December off work to get some serious stalking done and it has rained heavily virtually every day.
    I have never known a year quite like it and some frozen ground or snow would be like a breath of fresh air at the moment ,the fields near us are currently under nearly a foot of water.

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    Congratulations Rudd on a great hunting trip.


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    Hi H&H, Many thanks for such an interesting account of your activities. What is an 'uberlaufer'? Theliteral translation seems to be a renegade? Cheers, K

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krabryn View Post
    Hi H&H, Many thanks for such an interesting account of your activities. What is an 'uberlaufer'? Theliteral translation seems to be a renegade? Cheers, K
    Hi K!
    Its a boar which just got older than 1 year, so a true "Yearling"...

    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Michael, Many thanks for the explanation. Cheers, K

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    Hi K.!
    just show up and get yourself an Ueberlaeufer!!....

    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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