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Thread: Question to Blaser owners

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    Question to Blaser owners

    Hi There

    I have recently come across a source for engraved Blaser Rifle pistol caps. Prior to getting some samples in I want to understand if there is a level of interest amoungst Blaser rifle owners for them.

    Choices are Roe Buck, Red Stag, Boar & Chamois with personalised initialed pistol caps a possiblity. They would be approximatley 60 each (personalised ones TBC).

    Let me know what you think. If the interest is positive then I will buy some samples in and display them in the classified section and also have them avaliable at the UK Shooting Show in Feb.



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    Do you mean these ones: Blaser Hunting Rifles:Standard

    (click on "Stocks" and then "Pistol Grip Caps")

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    I managed to upgrade one of those Blaser pistol grip caps by fitting it to a real remington....

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    Quote Originally Posted by ejg View Post
    I managed to upgrade one of those Blaser pistol grip caps by fitting it to a real remington....
    I thought of placing one on my sako................. i then said nah.

    nuf said

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    I don't know what the make or quality of the OP's ones are, I am not a Blaser owner, but stumbled upon these on Egun at 15-20 euros and so easy to buy stuff on egun with the help of google translate.

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    I have a CZ recoil pad on my Blaser, perhaps I should do the grip cap as well


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    Of all the rifles I've owned in my life a Blaser or a Sauer 202 have not been included .

    I used to think of the Blaser as a rich mans toy . But after reading some of what you blokes say about them I may just have to bite the bullet and get one at some point !

    We have a local character that has a Blaser 93 I believe in 06 he bought new maybe 10 years ago . But since he's not one of my favourite people I kinda wrote the Blaser off just on my lack of like for him .

    Mark this down in history , I may have been wrong about the Blaser !!!!!!!

    I am thinking a 6.5x55 or 6.5x57 of course either will be a handloading proposition .

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