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    Greenfield Forest

    Has anyone here been stalking in Geenfield forest just outside of Horton in Ribblesdale? I occasionally shoot on one of the farms in that area and I'm wondering if many deer in that forest have been culled prior to the felling. Also whether any stalking is being undertaken while the felling is in process?

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    Hi Mick

    The stalking in greenfield is currently leased by a large ish syndicate that have been on the ground for 5 years ish. Why do you ask??


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    The syndicate is associated with BDS NW group. I've shot there - it's very nice - Roe and a few Sika deer

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    I was stalking up there in the doe season did ok had 3 animals in 3 days it was bloody cold though. Have you seen any Sika in that area?


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    Sika on the ground all the time, although quite elusive.

    Ive shot there since the current leaseholders took the ground on and seen Sika twice - too far for a shot and too quick. Signs there though, in certain parts of the forest. Management is ongoing with members stalking every week.

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