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Thread: demise of the red deer

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    demise of the red deer

    Just read this through (BBC News - Concern over culling of red deer )

    couldn't agree more, couldn't disagree with SNH more either.

    IMHO, it's not about 'what people want to do with their land', it's about the impact of financial and economic mismanagement by the government on the non-wealthy citizens, forcing them to sadly start exploiting their own land and resources due to increased fuel costs, taxes, and need I go on. clearly as the number of paying guests diminish through the recession, more mature stags will be culled as they fetch higher prices to help compensate for either lower guest numbers and/or increased costs of living/working.

    it doesn't help that the FC are subsidised for culling red deer, which I don't blame them for doing, but too little money is spent on constructing and maintaining quality deer fencing instead.

    are too many red deer culled in the UK the last few years,,yes. are the wrong ones culled to compensate/to generate better trophy fees, yes, probably. can one blame the landowners and estate owners, no - they are not exploiting their resources unnecessarily, it probably pains them to agree to take mature stags off in the rut, but it's more palatable than insolvency...

    who's to blame? well,,,let's start at looking towards No. 10, overpaid public services high end positions, the rescuing of financial institutions who continue to take advantage, the lack of presence and power of the competition commission, llack of initiatives for competition to enter the UK to help drive costs down, price fixing, collusion, and monopolies...

    me done. Happy New Years!

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    PKL - you have hit the nail on the head re the blame game. People should spend less time listening to what they are being told and more time looking at what is actually going on in this country then the way forward for the individual would become clearer. As you note it is a sad day when one is manoevered into taking decisions one knows are wrong merely to keep 'their' system going. It is deer stalking today but soon all aspects of life will be affected.

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    Sorry, this is allarmist s***, stirrd up by Jamie Williamson!

    He has less deer because his neighbours are fed up with over wintering stags for him! Why should they be overgrazed or covered in tick?? When they get zero benefit. He has to get with it.

    BBC are obviously hard up for news stories

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    At this moment in time the Scottish government have spent millions of pounds on deer control and they have a full infrastructure of publicly paid people who benefit from the heavy cull that is going on at the moment. SNH are entwined in this heavy cull infrastructure and will not say anything against the current policies (they have created)
    My worry is there are less red deer that's a fact there are many culled at night there is no target of none native species. EG Sika. Also the private money that was generated from deer management has now been replaced with public money (TAX PAYERS)and sadly this cannot go on in the current climate.

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