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Thread: Price of measuring

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    Price of measuring

    Can anyone please tell me how much it would cost to have a roe head measured and how to go about it?



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    last time i enquired it was a couple of years ago, and it was 15 quid to be measured plus medal.
    best thing to do is contact richard prior - his contact details are available in the back of his books .

    cheers lee

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    i have a head which i have had cut and mounted (no bottom jaw either) by a taxidermist. i thought originaly it was a big bronze maybe a silver so i never had it measured, but when a friend of mine seen it whom has a lot more knowledge than me he said it was pushing for a gold. what i would like to know is can i get it measured if i can get the glue off the back of the skull attaching it to the plauque or will it simple be refused to be honest im a bit gutted but live and learn i suppose

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    Sir lamp a lot, I did the same a few years ago, cut a nice head - long nose cut then realised that I should have had it measured, I took it down, cleaned off the fixing stuff and took it to Scone. It made gold, just, but would have had a higher score had I not cut it. See the pics on the trophy room. Because it was half winter half summer coat I never really though about getting it mounted but after it reached gold I got it done as its a once in lifetime thing. Well for me anyway!

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    I believe (and could well be wrong) that antler weight for Roe can be established by the displacement method.

    Suspend the inverted skull by a cord, allowing just the antlers to submerge in a water filled jar, to the point that the coronets are covered.

    A set of electronic scales under the jar will actually register the increased weight, simple subtraction providing the weight in grams.

    A standard 'skull weight' could then be added to give a value for scoring purposes.

    Simple rule is: if you think you have a trophy, boil the whole head as the standard deduction for weight will give a more favourable value than any other cut. ie: the best chance of just sneaking into the next medal value!

    You could also confirm this with Tony Dalby-Walsh - currently the head of the UK trophy commission of the CIC. He can be reached at

    BASC have recently started offering a measuring service - the scores would not be internationally recognised if that is a concern to you.

    Rgds Ian

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    I've heard from quite a few sources that it's best to leave the upper skull intact, but I'd be interested to hear how you get the contents of the brain cavity out without cutting the skull?

    With this head, I passed it to my stalking partner who has a proper cutting jig. I'm please with the job he has done, it is a long nose cut and he has even managed to retain a lot of the 'internal' nose bone at the end, which should help maintain the weight.


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    brain out

    Pressure washer straight in the hole at the base of the skull really shifts the brains. They go fron in the skull to all over you
    Often leaves a membrane in which when dry can be pulled out with tweezers

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    In simple terms the CIC Trophy Commission charges 30 for a measurement, including a medal (Gold, Silver or Bronze), for Roe, Sika, Muntjac and CWD and 40 for Red and Fallow. A measurement without a medal is 15 and 25 respectively. There is no charge for a head that does not make medal status.

    You can take your head to one of the Game Fairs at which the team are present (CLA at the BDS stand), take the head to one of the judge's homes or send it by post.

    Details are available at or from me on 01749 343725.

    Best of luck,


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