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Thread: T4 .223 suitable for .22-250 ?

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    T4 .223 suitable for .22-250 ?

    I have a T4 used for a Milcam .223 and Iam wanting to use it on a Remington BDL .22-250. If the threading is the same size/pitch and I have a new rear barrel fitment fitted will it be okay to use ?The mod has the following markings on it
    AU T4 EF 25 L4
    Any advice would be much appreciated.

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    Don't see why not. It is not as if they make cans to a lesser standard for a 223 compared to a 22/250 or 243. As long as the threads match I would tear away.

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    I can't see why not either. The two calibres fire the same diameter bullets - the difference is in the casings. The '25' referred to on the mod is probably up to 25 calibre - you shouldn't have any issues as long as the threads are the same.

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    Thanks lads, I will try it out once my variation comes through.

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