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Thread: Burris laserscope 4 - 16 x 50.

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    Burris laserscope 4 - 16 x 50.

    Does anyone on the forum use one of these. I am just intrigued by how well made / accurate they are. On You Tube there are some amazing videos, the way the red dots on the reticle light up to give you the correct holdover is pretty cool. All the best and a great 2013 to you all, moray loon.

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    I had a look through one in NZ whilst hunting out there and was very impressed by these and they are very accurate especially the latest one as it adjusts the range over inclines . the guys using them out there swore by them , atb wayne
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    Cheers Wayne, it must be a good design if it can stand up to Kiwi hunting conditions, they tend to really use their gear to the limit!

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    The concept, and to an extent its execution, are good but there is room for improvement, addressed to some degree by the new 2013 models.
    Specifically: the readout is very big and bright, which is fine for broad daylight but too much in low light; ranging/holdover has to be done at 10X because the reticle is in the second focal plane, despite the fact that it is at the longer ranges, where the benefit of higher magnification is greatest, that the holdover system is most useful; finally, the system would be most beneficial with the loopiest calibres, but it doesn't have profiles for these, and its trajectory models start at 100 yards, so it's no use for 22 rimfires or air rifles, which is a great pity - just imagine if you could range and holdover at the press of a button when out lamping bunnies with a .22LR!

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    Thanks for the info. ml

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    Would it work lamping foxs do you think?

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    Bearing in mind that most "lamped" foxes are shot with fairly flat shooting calibres, you would have to be engaging them at pretty extreme ranges ( for night time shooting ) in order for this scope to make a difference. I think that it is intended for hunting involving the larger species of game. Atb ml.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simjim33 View Post
    Would it work lamping foxs do you think?
    I have the previous model (4-12x42) and I have shot foxes on the lamp with it but as Mr Gain said the readout can be too bright and it takes a few seconds for the distance to then disappear leaving only the illuminated dot which also has a ghost image which can be annoying so seeing as most foxes on the lamp are shot under 200 yards it is simpler not to range the fox and just go for centre of mass. The new model may be better though.

    Rangewise they are accurate and in prone position no real problem getting on target at 500 yards ....if you get the windage right and from what I see the new model should in theory make this a doddle!

    For stalking at dusk the quality on the older model is as you would expect not a patch on you Swaro's etc but I would assume the new 50 objective will make this better.

    If someone has the money I think these scopes are a good all rounder and I have seen far better shooters than me with better rifles and scopes struggle to hit targets at the distances I have with mine. Hope this helps.
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    Hi, also have the 4 - 12 x 42 which is an incredible piece of kit. "does what it says on the tin". +1 to what dave1372 said above.

    The new one can only be better i suppose.



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    I run the 50mm one on my .308 for pigs and its held zero, glass is good enough for shooting using the moon, I travel lots with my kit although I use peli cases to give it some protection it usually shows up inferior equipment through loss of zero etc but its held since the day it was zeroed. I also have the 42 model on my .22lr and the main ret is zeroed at 50 with the next bar down being good for 75 and third bar for a 100 at 10x mag.

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