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Thread: Finally well booted !

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    Finally well booted !

    Well , as I'm sure you've all seen , I've been putting a few wanted ads on the sd , I needed some new boots . After speaking to a few guys and some people I'm booked up to go stalking with this year , the final word seemed to be meindl . I will be using these a lot , not just for stalking but also lambing duties and hiking and they'll be paired with berghaus yeti gaiters . I went to the shops earlier and tried on some meindls , some lowas and some scarpas , the lowas were 160 , the meindls were 190 and the scarpas were 90 reduced from 220 . I'm lucky enough to have big feet meaning I can quite often get a bargain due to them being a less common size .

    Long story short ive taken home the scarpas , they were crazy comfy and although not goretex , they are full waterproof aslong as you wax the leather a few times a year . I was sceptical but the guy proved it with a 3 minute submersion test !
    They are scarpa sl 's . Hope they do me well and I don't regret going over the meindls ! The scarpas just looked and felt so much better made .

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    My B-I-L is ex-army and seriously into his hiking/hill walking etc. He is also a gear freak. He wears Scarpa's, so that is not a bad endorsement.

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    Going to order some altbergs later online !

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    Quote Originally Posted by norma 308 View Post
    Going to order some altbergs later online !
    They didn't have them , but I've heard good reviews

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    friend of mine ( female ) has always been a Dubarry fan ( a bit camp for stalking types !! ) but since they have become a fashion item rather than a utility boot they are now manufactured in the Far East rather than Ireland, she's had 3 pairs in 12 months and they have all been returned as they leak....

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    You won't go wrong with Scarpa boots and the lack of a waterproof membrane is no problem as long as you are willing to look after them and don't subject the leather to stuff that will cut or score into it like harsh brambles.

    I think Scarpa and Berghaus worked together to ensure compatibility of the yeti gaiters but mainly for the stiffer Manta boot. Make sure you get the right size gaiters. Peglers at Arundel should put you right. Make sure that you are feeling fit and strong when you first attempt to fit the gaiters!

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    Berghaus was the importer of Scarpa in the 80s. The then attack sole was made for yeti,It had a cut out for the rand around and across he sole. This stopped the toe of the yeti popping off. Then Brasher was started. Don't know anybody with Brasher's!! Use Meindls and Altberg's now. Meindls leather is not in the same league as the Manta's, Altberg's to new to say yet.

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    Cheers lads , I find if I warm the gaiters in a saucepan of water about 80'c they go on really rather well ! Ill definatley be looking after the leather scarpas !

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    The altberg stark extreme came today and look very well made indeed and with an after care service should they get a fault .i will keep you informed how they perform off to the highlands soon ! well d/g

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    Scarpa SLs are great boots - they've been discontinued but you can still get great deals on them especially if your feet are in a size that didn't sell well. I usually have 4 or 5 pairs of boots in rotation at any one time and the SLs have been a firm favourite for some years now (I have 2 pairs currently on the go) plus I think they give more ankle support than even the higher legged boots and on very rough ground I wear them in preference to the higher options. They saved my leg once on a hill in Scotland - I went over on the ankle and leg went off with a loud crack but the boots took most of the damage and although my leg eventually went various shades of yellow and purple from the toes to the knee I was able to keep going on it. Even when well waxed the water will eventually work through them if you are walking in wet bog all the time - when relatively new I figure on getting maybe 8 hours before they start to let the water in but to be honest very few people walk with their feet constantly in water for a whole day. As they get older they will start to let the water in earlier in the day no matter how much wax you put on them and they also will eventually soften up with age such that they don't offer the same level of support so it is worth watching out for this and relegating them to softer work once they start to soften up.

    The SLs have been replaced by something with a fancy name that costs more, probably cost half as much to make, and looks designed to catch the eye of the types that "do dangerous sports." I haven't tried them yet but just because the SLs are good doesn't mean that their replacement is so I would urge caution.
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