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Thread: Meat slicer

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    Meat slicer

    I'm considering getting a meat slicer does any body use them ??

    I would like one that slices from 2mm to 10mm.

    It would be used to slice the joints once finished for sandwich fillings etc instead of dicing everything up into a casserole.

    Whats peoples opinions please on makes etc...

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    I got a bargain one from Lidl last year.. its great slicing ham, wafer thin and it can also cut bread.

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    Good one here with 50 off! Still quite expensive but is more industrial grade:
    Buy cheap - buy twice!

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    Cheers MS I no what you mean about buying cheap, my first mince in machine was the Anthony Warrel Thompson from Argos I taken it back within 12 hours of purchase. I now use one purchased from Weschenfelder can't fault in within 5 years of usage.

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