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Thread: Schmidt bender 3-12x50 mildot.

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    Schmidt bender 3-12x50 mildot.

    I am selling my schmidt and bender 3-12x50 klassik 30mm with p3 mildot reticle. Has been mounted with optilocks since new and has never been off since, the condition can only be described as perfect. All paperwork and packaging is included as well as bikini covers. I am only selling as i fancy something with a little more mag and will buy another schmidt. I am looking for £730posted for this if paypal or will take a little less by bank transfer as i will avoid paypal fees.
    Just added some pics, scope is not illuminated reticle and adjustments are 1 cm at 100 yyards pics by email, just ask.
    also advertised on other sites.
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    Price drop I will accept £730 PayPal or £700 bank transfer.

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    Final price drop. 650 bank transfer or 680 PayPal + post £10
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    Where are the pics you added?
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    Withdrawn from sale.

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