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Thread: Re-Proofing Alternatives

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    Re-Proofing Alternatives

    My long suffering Barbour Westmoorland wax waistcoat of 12yrs standing got stitched back together by my equally long suffering wife over Xmas.

    Looked to re-proof it with what remained of a Barbour thornproof dressing ( tin of wax ), and realised just how similar it is to good 'ole Vasaline - Are they the same ? and are there any alternatives ?

    Ok on an old coat I guess - maybe not for a new one !!


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    No not the same at all, vaseline will remain sticky for ever and a day, and fail to be waterproof.
    Wax dressing is available without the Barbour brand name Waterproof Wax, Gold Label, Re-proofing For All Waxed Cotton Garments, 150 GM: Sports Outdoors


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    dissolve beeswax in pure turps ,and paint it on

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    look at the nikwax website they do some good products.

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    When you have got the wax on use a hair drier to melt it into every nook and cranny.

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