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Thread: Deer disturbance

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    Deer disturbance

    Have had a pretty poor season on the reds so far (rut and hinds) not seen a single deer. Feeling a bit disheartened I placed two trail cameras in the usual locations.....plenty of pictures but they are feeding just before it gets light(gone back into woods by dawn) and just after it has gone dark. Would this be to do with pressures from Humans or is anyone else experiencing similar. Cheers.

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    I'd suspect pressure from disturbance by humans I'm afraid. Can you get a seat up in the woods and intercept them as they come back off the open ground?

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    Mite be worth taking a mate and flush them out and you wait to ambush them

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    I'm afraid I can't put a seat up the land I have is surrounded by FC land on two sides then open fell ground on the other. Flushing the, isn't an option eith because of the above plus I'm not over keen on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joehuck View Post
    I'm afraid I can't put a seat up the land I have is surrounded by FC land on two sides then open fell ground on the other. Flushing the, isn't an option eith because of the above plus I'm not over keen on it.
    Is it me being synical but I think you've just identified where your disturbance has come from!
    I suspect many of the deer on your patch are passing between your bordering land and yours and on 2 sides have probably been hammered. Just my opinion

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    Yep.i.would say they be under a lot of pressure by the FC rangers
    Tab tom

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    That's probably the case I wouldn't like to think they are just trying to wipe them out. Though rumours I have heard suggest they may be doing just that in other parts of their land in the area.

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    The reds have taken a battering all the way up from south cumbria, if its not poachers ,its the F.C lads on a shoot on sight policy, grizedale is virtually devoid of deer due to the hammering they have had over the last 2 years.
    holker and graywaite are down on deer numbers as well.
    the reds were starting to make progress around ennerdale as well, but the F.C are killing everything to make sure they don't get a foot hold ,this is down to the "wild ennerdale policy" so trees come first.

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    That's sad. Wild ennerdale. You would think that they would promote them not wipe them out. I know I like stalking them but I also like to see them in the wild. The FC policy doesn't sound like managing deer to me. There is hardly any point in me picking older ones etc when chances are the ones I leave will be taken as part of their culling.

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    Difficult situation if indeed there is a shoot on sight policy by the FC. It certainly sounds like any good work you do in trying to be selective about your kills is going to be undone by the work of the FC.

    I do most of my Red deer stalking in Austria in a mountainous well forested area with fairly large volumes of disturbance and as you mentioned before most of the deer come out just as it gets dark or in the dark and disappear again before first light. One option we use to good effect in particular on hinds/calves in Oct/Nov/Dec is to go out at full moon to an area where we know they have been feeding in regular. I believe we have to apply for this at the authorities but alot of Gamekeepers/Stalkers in Austria including my cousin use this option to meet their cull targets.

    Not sure where the law here stands on doing that but may be an option. We also have a camera and nothing more frustrating then seeing them on camera and going out for hours and not seeing a single beast. Good luck.

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