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Thread: Bringsel method

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    Bringsel method

    Hi been reading a lot about getting a dog for tracking deer while I have had time off work and just wondered if anyone used the "Bringsel" method, did they find it hard to teach?

    Regards David

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    can't wait for some replies on this thread, it's something I've read about but never seen !!

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    My mate has a bitch trained to brigsel, awesome to watch it was his first g w p and has made a good job of training her. Try searching kragborg for training vids

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    Kragborg do videos in English as well as Danish!

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    If u go on the kennal trudvang site and click on 'articles' then 'dogs for deer', it highlights the very basics in training the bringsel, (quite a way down) reallly teaching the 'hold' command. Chris has been using the bringsel for quite a while with his dogs

    That section also showed some quite intresting info about the danish Swichss hounds assoc and there tracking returns/records and % sucess rates

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    Thanks countrryboy that is where I read about it. It's a good read that artical.

    Can anyone point me to the kragborg videos in English?

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    My dog does the Bringsel method . . . although its usually a mouth full of blood and pins it comes back with . . . .or maybe grouse feathers eh Countryboy ????

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    U really should feed it more often so it brings back the whole bird next time

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