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Thread: Blitzkings

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    Hi Guys, just thought i would ask what members think of blitzkings, those of you who have used them that is?
    Regards Neil

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    Excellent! 40grn Blitzkings out of my 22BR at 3900fps have plenty of splat factor on long bunnies


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    In what regard Neil.

    Terminal ballistics?

    I have used some. They were accurate, easy to load, looked very pretty and killed everything I hit - very dead. Seem to recall they were 50 gr out of a .223 Rem 700

    But quite a long while ago.

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    I use 55gn's out of my .223 for foxes and wouldn't use anything else.

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    I use 40 gn in my hornet and they are slightly more accurate than v max in my rifle

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    Ive just bought a box of 70grn, my normal shooting is roe but i think i will just use them for charlie, would they make a mess of roe?

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    I use 70gr Blitz and they work brilliantly in my 243 would highly recommend them but as always each rifle is different

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    they never really worked for me in my ppc. couldn't help but notice that their sizing wasn't very consistent compared to noslers!
    however everyone else seemed get decent results with them! but noslers for me i'm affraid!

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    I've loaded the Sierra BlitzKings in the 204 Ruger and both weights shot well in the Ruger 77 MKII Varmint I used to have . But the Hornady V MAX and Nosler BT's did just as well .

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    20 calibre (20 tactical)

    32 turns rabbits into glove puppets.

    39 gr do the same and drop charlies like switching a light off.

    very happy with them, but im sticking to the 39's for both fox and golfcoursefurballholediggingpeskybucktoothedbigear d varmints,

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