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Thread: mtc scope

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    mtc scope

    i have just purchased a t3 hunter .243 set up and it has a mtc tapian 3-12 x50 scope just wondered if any body has had dealings with these optics thanks russ

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    Lots of people seem to dislike them but I have a mtc viper on one of my rifles and it does a great job for me.

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    Had a Mamba and it was rubbish, weighed a ton, crap at dusk, whited out on higher mag.

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    only fit for the bin me thinks,

    i have had a few over the years and wish i had kept the cash from them all and got a better scope in the first place,(found them really lacking when lamping under the lamp with red white and orange light)

    the finish is crap, the glass is also not that good, 2 of my scopes had problems with the elevation adjusters not working after a few weeks on the rifle,, the flip up covers are a pain to tight they are hard to open, to loose and you may as well take them off (like i did)

    one thing i will say is the support from the shop was great.(after all he had plenty of scopes coming back to get it right.)


    save up (not like me) and get it right first time around.
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    They fall apart on a .308

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    can only echo whats been said , bought a rifle with a viper on top , quite poor to be honest so sold it straight away( very good market for them , snapped up quickly), after reading all the bumpf about them i thought i had bought a duff so bought a mamba light, well same again espically with the whiteout, got shut straight away,

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    I have a Genesis and it does the job on anything up to 243, I've always found it does the job well.

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    got one on my HMR and TBH it,s not bad not top glass good but not top glass money

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    Given my experience i would avoid and buy better,ive had an IR unit on a MTC Mamba fail just,went to the retailer,who told me to speak to MTC,well after 3 months of stories about a replacement,i gave up and put the MTC where it belongs - in the bin!.
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    I have a Taipan and compares well with other more expensive scopes in all respects, although never done much dawn/dusk work. I also use a Sightron, Leupold & Swarovski. I bought a second hand Viper and wasn't pleased with the optics at long range and the turret clicks weren't defined well.

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