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Thread: Escort Luxano 12g combo

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    Escort Luxano 12g combo

    Hi Guys

    I'm selling my pristine condition Escort Luxano its a 3" chamber combo set with 26" and 28" barrels

    the 28" barrel has had 100 to 150 cartridges through it at a clay shoot once,

    the 26" barrel has never had a shot through it its still in the bag from new,

    the shock has had grain sealer and a few coats of oil applied to the fine walnut

    it comes with the remaining guarantee which i think is at least 18 month along with

    the stock spacers all the chokes and its hard case

    looking for 380.00

    pictures can be emailed if you pm me your email address



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    Hi Lee, That is a ridiculously low price for such a fantastic shotgun.
    I bought one not so long ago and I could not get the dealer to go lower that 599.00 so you are losing quite a lot on yours I should think.
    The Luxarno is definitely a much better class of shotgun than the run of the mill Escorts.

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    cheers for the comments regarding the escort,
    its a fantastic gun but i don't get chance to shoot it until recently i had the marine pump action, the semi auto marine as well as the luxano along with the browning over/under shotties,
    i dont get out as much with the shotguns as i used to so i sold the pump action a few weeks back and now the luxano time to go before it gets marked in the cabinet leaving me with the semi auto marine and the browning


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    hi lee is the gun still up for sale , if so do you have a pay pal account and would you send it to a rfd, thanks, ben.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ben2645 View Post
    hi lee is the gun still up for sale , if so do you have a pay pal account and would you send it to a rfd, thanks, ben.

    The threads a year old. And youll need to post an intro as per forum rules.


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    So did it go ?
    At that price it should have flown off the shelf and , no I am not selling mine !!

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    Hi all

    yeah the luxano did go pretty quickly really good bargain for someone hope they use it more than I did


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