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Thread: 8 gauge and 10 gauge

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    8 gauge and 10 gauge

    Any of you Euro guys messed with 8 gauge and 10 gauge doubles or singles much ?

    I've had a number of 10 gauge 2 7/8" guns as well as some for the 3 1/2" .

    Still have a trio of 10 gauge SxS 2 7/8" guns that I shoot regularly .

    Have not however had the oppurtunity or the funds to acquire a nice double 8 gauge thats suitable for firing .

    I would welcome any stories or info you guys have about either gauge .

    I suspect I'll carry my W&C Scott 10 gauge 2 7/8" SxS loaded with 00 Buck for the last day of the Virginia gun season saturday as well as my Savage bolt action rifled 20 gauge .

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    Whilst we're at it I wouldn't mind hearing about any old original punt guns you blokes may still put to good use from time to time .

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    I have an 8 bore - not an original unfortunately, but a bored out Spanish 10 bore. It was snapped up enthusiastically for wildfowling but in reality doesn't do anything that my Browning Gold can't do. The Browning could still throw 2 1/4 oz of lead if I really wanted to. Recoil with either at this level is absolutely terrific.

    I also have an old 10 bore that's far more interesting. A winchester 1901 in 10 bore 2 7/8" - a beautifully made bit of kit. Sadly I just hold it as a curio and don't shoot it.

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    One problem that e now have in the UK is the same, I think, as you in the USA? That lead shot is banned for use on ducks or geese, over any wetlands or on certain other areas of land.

    This effectively means that many old 8 and 10 bore, and indeed 4 bore, guns that aren't really suitable for steel shot use have problems. So many quite usable old guns were retired.

    This lead shot ban also caused a decline in the old 3" 12 bore that in its swansong could use 2 3/4" Magnum cartridges.

    There are as THESHOOTIST said however many AYA and similar including the "Ralph Grant 8 Bore" still in use. They all, to a certain extent, command a premium price but the new 3 1/2" 12 bore chambering has made great gains!

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    I have been lucky enough to have owned and used many English double eight bore hammer guns and hammerless ejectors, single fours and double fours, and magnum tens over the last 30years, sold my bland double four and william evans hammerless 8 bore amongst others three years ago to go towards some stalking ground.
    Still use a thomas bland magnum 10 ejector with original 3.5" magnum chambers that was made for the first du pont 3 1/2" magnum shells these guns were made in very limited numbers for the States in the 1930's 40s.
    I you like send me your email and i could send you some photos of a few guns. DF

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    They make some stuff called "Nice Shot" here in the states thats acceptable for waterfowl and easy on damascus barrels .

    Matter of fact there's a company called RST I believe that manufactures smokeless shells for the 10 , 12 , 16 , 20 and 28 . In the shorter variety shells also I might add !

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    I'm pretty sure if I ever get an 8 gauge Parker it'll be a buckshot deer shooter and maybe some trap .

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    Think day after tommorrow I'll take my W&C Scott out for the last day of our deer season . I have some old period Winchester 10 gauge 2 7/8" factory loads that are loaded with single 0 Buck . Think these shells are late 50's early 60's , have 8 of them I believe . Plan on using them and maybe 5 or so of my 00 Buck handloads .

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    Are you hunting whitetail dear? Is this in a "shotgun only" season? Interesting that you would use buckshot rather than a slug. How close do you have to get to kill cleanly with 00 buckshot?

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    Quote Originally Posted by theshootist View Post
    Are you hunting whitetail dear? Is this in a "shotgun only" season? Interesting that you would use buckshot rather than a slug. How close do you have to get to kill cleanly with 00 buckshot?
    I've killed one deer before with the old W&C Scott 10 gauge with my 00 Buck handloads . Only reason I'm taking it this time is because we'll be doing some man drives . The county we're gonna be hunting in is a shotgun only county . But rest assured I'll have my Savage 20 gauge bolt action rifled barrel slug gun loaded with Remington AccuTip slugs as well .

    I was told we'd be in treestands and the other folks would drive towards us . I may only take the 20 gauge out we will see . But I was bringing the 10 gauge along for the safety factor as well as I'd like to pot another deer with my grandfathers old gun . And it would be even cooler if I shot them with some of his old factory shells !

    From a couple years back !
    And with my handload of 00 Buck .

    Closer ups of the old cannon .

    It works for dove also when loaded with #8's !

    I have a bunch of #4's loaded . I may next week try and pot a couple tree rats (squirrels) and a couple bun buns !

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