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Thread: Alien Species

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    Alien Species

    After reading about Britain having to many deer do you think that the Powers that be are doing enough about reducing the numbers of Alien Species.
    SIKA MUNTJAC CWD FALLOW should not be on our soil so why on earth are SNH Persecuting Red and Roe Deer while very little is done about Sika. Surely a targeted approach to aliens would be a start. I see now the DI have joined in with the Roe deer destroy the under study of the woods. Well i would guess no were near as much as Fallow and Muntjac. Whats going on ????

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    There are many things living on our little island, so called invasive deer are the least of it.


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    no i dont , cwd are endangered in thier native land , catch some of the 1s here and send them back, but no not without a licence
    when you stop learning you stop being challenged

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    That last piece that got reported about Roe really made me think they are missing a point, With the news also on ever increasing deer numbers I can't help but think Muntjac if they are included are swaying the figures in a big way and that they are going to be a serious problem to our more native flora and fauna. I'd suggest they are far more of a problem in the making than Roe and the likes way too far gone to ever do anything about them though, from a stalking point of view they are an interesting quarry from a woodland point of view they wipe out lots of the under storey and stop regeneration. There are increasing numbers of landowners here with a shoot on sight policy and really I can see where they are coming from

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    I try not to think about it, some areas of Scotland do have a very high number of deer in localised areas but huge areas are just getting wiped clean with contractors and the likes. The argument seems to be that it's fine to 'reduce' deer numbers in some areas because they exist in high numbers in other areas and the overall average is unchanged. Sounds like an excuse to me so that deer swatting can be better justified whatever the species in question.
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    Alien species,that's women

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    The SNH , DI and others are pushing for more and more deer to be culled and there must be an underlying reason for this ?
    It seems they keep coming up with reasons why we should cull more and more but who is behind this and why ?
    regards andy

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    What is the estimated population of the introduced species versus native species in the UK?


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    What alian species in cornwall we only have red roe and fallow. Odd pockets of reported others do you think we are doing a good job. We would love to have some munties. I look after a herd of about 400 fallow all common any other colour that steps in we go for it. woodfordfallow

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    you have kill all the deer in an area to get the grant to put the fences up to keep them out so there won't be a deer problem from within, that's pretty important for establishing unmonitored new woodland but a bit barbaric, there used to be these people called 'deer stalkers' that could keep damage to an acceptable level in a better way.

    SNH have a master plan in to increase forestry cover in Scotland which is great but in the short term to ensure the woodlands establish they will have accepted that the best way to have woodland to establish generally is in the absence of deer. That's different to some estates who don't care for the deer but favour the grouse.

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