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Thread: Hello from Germany

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    Hello from Germany

    Hello everyone!
    Im an 18yo student from Germany (Bavaria). I do like hunting and have a Deutscher Jagd-Terrier lady who is called Lady
    The reason why I registered here is because this platform seems to be quite interesting and secondly because I would like to improve my English.
    Maybe I can make some friends this way in order to be able to visit them oneday.
    Anyways, hope you have better weather than we do!

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    Hello Alex and welcome.

    Your English reads very well!

    I am sure with time that you will meet people from this site.

    Good luck to you and Lady.


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    Hello Alex and welcome to site. It always nice to hear from youngsters wanting to learn but some of the English you learn will not be in any dictionary


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    hello from germany

    weather is usually nice in bavaria in the summer hope you and lady are ok you will meet some nice people here
    cheers tom

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    @ Steve, John & Tom:
    Im glad that I am welcome
    and yeah, i want to learn some English which is not in any dictionary 8)
    over here it has been raining a lot the last few days; we hope itll stop soon cause otherwise therell be flooding...hope it will get better soon
    Im sure Ill have a great time with you,

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