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Thread: New member intro!

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    New member intro!


    Hope I am doing this right and keeping admin happy, My name is Greg Parkhouse, I have been stalking for 30 years, always using a 243, mainly on Fallow and Roe in my earlier years, and Red and Roe laterly, I took up driven Boar shooting 4 years ago, ( hence the name I am using ) firstly with a Blaser 9.3 x 62, and recently a Chapuis 8 x 57jrs Express, which I adore, I have shot in Poland, Croatia and France this year with a total of 13 Boar and a Red Hind to date, I lived in Scotland until 2 years ago, and now live between Nottingham and France, hope thats enough!.


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    hi and welcome to sd and all the best

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    hi and welcome to the forum

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    Welcome from a Welshman exiled in Geneva!

    Where in France have you been shooting? I'm also a 9.3x62 user



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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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