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    Monarch Sika Sack Review


    I recently was given a Sika Sack by Attilla (her indoors) for my Birthday. Having broken it in, I though I would write a quick review given how good the service and product have proved to be.

    1. Purchase - obviously I was not involved in this, however Rob was very helpful and she managed to hide the purchase from me so it was a complete surprise. He was also very accurate with delivery times etc.

    2. 1st impressions, setup and load bearing - the sack arrived and I was immediately impressed with the quality and finish. There are a number of features which are really useful (coat carrying straps, popper fasteners to "narrow" the sack unloaded) and there is a simple lightweight harness system with a good back board and broad straps.

    The straps are not overly padded and instead rely on being broad and firm to take the weight involved. This is an excellent arrangement in my experience and makes the laden sack far more comfortable to carry.

    The stitching and taping appear robust and, although only time will tell, it appears built to last.

    I took some time in the house to get the straps adjusted to me and then tidied up (which is well worth doing before you have to carry deer across uneven terrain) then load tested as below:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    3. Field trial - The Sack is very comfortable unladen - does not get in the way moving through dense undergrowth and does not present any noticeable difference in LoP or in a smooth mounting of the rifle. You do sweat noticeably more when carrying it over steep terrain due to the additional insulation on your back - but that is the case with any rucksack barring Jungle packs with the air frame.

    Capacity is excellent:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I chose this Sack in order to fully hide culled deer when on sensitive ground.
    In this example a good sized Doe is in there (17.5 kilos larder weight) and it was an easy carry across barbed wire fences etc.

    Later that morning a doe and kid went in ungralloched to be moved to a more suitable location before gralloching. These were 17kg and 10kg larder weight so would have been close to the weight of a gralloched sika.

    I needed a hand on with the sack (so I didn't have to sit down in the bog! but carrying across boggy terrain, over a fence and across a swollen stream did not present a problem). The deer were completely hidden within the sack; however, minor design fault as the lid kept popping off revealing 8 feet stuck into the air!
    Rob now has a fix for this and has agreed to pay for the adjustment to my sack ... gent.

    With the fix for the lid in place this is near perfect for my requirements and I can heartily recommend the sack (and no doubt a lot of these comments apply to the smaller roe sack). Quality appears excellent, well worth a few quid more than some of the cheaper alternatives on ebay... WELL WORTH it.


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