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Thread: .30cal variation

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    .30cal variation

    how many of you have put in for a ".30" variation and then chosen the derivative after a similar variation has been granted?

    I am considering getting a larger calibre (ideally a .300 rather than a 308 or 30-06!)
    although I have not yet found either one that suits or a specific calibre

    I am asking for a ".30" on that basis

    seems they give out ".22rf" variations so I am turning that doctrine to my advantage...fingers crossed

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    I asked West Yorks for a .30cal and was turned down flat. They demanded a Cartridge name but oddly had no problem giving me .22RF. I hope your Licensing dept are more accomodating.


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    ah, I should have said, I am not "asking"...more indicating this is what they should give me!

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    I have had a .30Cal slot on my fac and also had a .22 center fire slot a couple of years ago.
    I now have 2 .308w in my toy cupboard at the moment but when i sell the Blr i will apply again for a .30"cal slot on a 1 for 1.


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    Same as Yorkie. I had .30 cal down and they said NO. I raged on about the whole calibre V cartridge thing and they just sat there. When I had vented my spleen, they just said 'Which one?' So I blurted 300 win mag!!!! Just the biggest thing I could think of at the time. Fine they said. Done.

    There's just no figuring them sometimes.

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    I applied for the same. FLO was not happy to grant on the basis of not having the ability to grant ammo for .30 cal. Ammo is case specific not just caliber specific. So I agreed he had a fair point and made the decision to go for .308. I'm sure if I wanted to change to say a 3006 there would be no problem as Warwickshire seem very helpful so long as you are straight with them and have a genuine reason.

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    funny you should say that but they have .17 listed under both calibre and ammo on mine!

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    Tried this with 6mm but was asked which one,said not sure yet,he said well when your ready let me know and will alter the paper work i just told him 243
    p.s my 17rem is just listed as 17cf

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    I asked for and was granted a 300 wsm. When my ticket came back with the authorisation it had .30 calibre. Made me wonder if i could choose something else, just the same when they granted my .308, it came back with .30 again but realising the ammo section on the cert has calibre/cartridge specefics so it was not really feasible. I think the bottom line is they want to know exactly the calibre/cartridge before they grant.

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    don't ask don't get
    will see what comes back

    not sure how a box of .308 bullets differs from a box of .30-06 bullets though!?

    I bought a box of 60gr Vmax on the authority for ".22 ammo" (at the time I only had .22lr and .22WMR)

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