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Thread: Spikes/SGC .223 AR15/M4 Straight Pull for sale

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    Spikes/SGC .223 AR15/M4 Straight Pull for sale

    I have decided to sell one of my AR15's.

    Spec is as follows:

    Spikes Tactical Lower Reciever
    Ergo Grip Pistol Grip
    M4 style 6 position butt stock
    Adjustable Standard Trigger
    Magpul Enhanced Trigger guard

    Southern Gun Company A3 Flat Top Upper
    14.5" M4 profiled barrel
    A2 flash hider
    PRI flip up front sight
    Midwest Industries picatinny foregrip
    Badger Tactical ambi charging handle

    It is a nice rifle, I have slightly modified the charging handle to enlarge cocking handle on right side which helps with keeping it in the shoulder whilst cycling the action. I have shot GGG mil surp ammo, and home loads loads through it. Only selling it as I have another AR15 in .223 and quite fancy getting an AR10 or similar in a different calibre instead.

    Looking for 1000, can meet at Bisley etc....

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    Hi I am interested in this rifle did you get my previous message?


    Mark 01279263263

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    Hi I have a Steyr pro mountain.223 for sale at 795 on Gunstar would you be interested in a swap plus cash?

    I can send you some better quality photos?



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