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Thread: Harrelll's PREMIUM Powder Measure

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    Harrelll's PREMIUM Powder Measure

    Our new PREMIUM Culver type measure is the finest measure we have ever made. It has two precision roller bearings, one on each end of the metering device, to reduce vertical play to a few ten thousandths of an inch. They also make it incredibly smooth, for a much better feel.


    Left or right hand use
    Four cutting edges, two left and two right hand
    Brass metering device encapsulated in a stainless steel bushing
    New space saving design with 16 ounce bottle
    120 grain, 200 click, 6 clicks between numbers, .1 grain per click adjustment, easily converts to 4 clicks.

    297.99 inc postage


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    whats it like on coarse powders like N560 ?

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    http://uksha1 or find us on facebook
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    I've used mine on 550 it cut a bit but once I got use to it. It was ok only ocaasionly when I forgot to be nice and smooth would it cut the powder.
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