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Thread: Hornaday .243 58g v max

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    Hornaday .243 58g v max

    Has anyone any experience of the above ammo? They claim 3900 fps, and a flat trajectory, so I'm wondering that, if they group ok, they could be a wicked fox round. I don't reload, and am presently using Remington Accutip 75g, which suit my rifle and do upset charlie! Would the higher velocity of thr Hornaday, be more likely to wear/burn the barrel at a greater rate? I realise that most of my foxes are taken at between 50 and 130 yds, so in reality the long range stuff doesn't really figure that often, but I'm wondering if they could be, worth a try?

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    I have some. They are superfast and fox don't like them. No problems with grouping at all. Coming out of an X-bolt. Not sure about wear rate but would suggest it would be faster given the velocity.

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    Unless you are putting hundreds of them through your blaser every month, they shouldn't cause any damage to the throat of your barrel. Don't forget the data Hornady provide are for them fired out of a 24 inch barrel, so if yours is shorter, they won't be doing 3900fps.

    I've used v-max in 58gr and 87gr, preferred the 87's, all home loads. Chrono'ed the 87's at 3400fps from a 22" barrel and they don't arf tear charlie apart. Got to admit I'm in the process of switching to 75gr sierra varmint hp's, my test loads put 3 into the same hole at 100meters off a bench bag. Hornady also do a 75gr v-max.

    Anyway, at average ranges 50-200yds, I doubt you'll see much differencefrom what you are using now. Put it this way, the fox doesn't care how fast the bullet that hits it is traveling and if it aint broke, don't fix it!!!


    When are you going to start reloading?

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    I'm using 58gr vmax's with N140 behind them and they chrono at 3770fps. They are super accurate and charlie really doesnt like them
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    I shot them in my 243 around 3700 fps. I believe I used 4895 powder. Remarkable accuracy and it turned prairiedogs to mist.~Muir

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    I have used them on fox out to 250m and they stop in their tracks. very flat and effective bullets.

    I have found that most shots don't exit if they hit a solid, due to their speed.



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    I've just got some to try as they were half the price of my usual 75grn vmax so it will be interesting to compare. Certainly the 75 with 37grains of varget is superb so its got a bit of competition to live up to

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    i have tried them in mine they group really well! not had chance to nail a fox with one yet... but they are popping out of my 26" barrel at 3750fps however i also tried 70gn noslers they produce 3600fps both loads with varget An i can honestly say the noslers are nothing short of devastating!!
    looking forward to connecting with a 58 soon though....
    think that's the problem with 243 though! to much choice!!

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    I reload nossler 55gr in my .243 for fox with Varget powder they come out at 4025fps group in a clover leave and knock mr fox over ever time.

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    Has anyone else got their own comments on this round?

    Just picked a box up and looking forward to seeing how they group.


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